City Council Minutes - 08/07/2007

Date of Record: 2007-08-07
                                                                                                    MINUTES OF A


                                                                                            CITY COUNCIL OF THE


                                                                                                   Coronado City Hall

1825 Strand Way

Coronado, CA 92118

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mayor Smisek called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.


Present: Councilmembers Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and

Mayor Smisek

Absent: None

Also Present: Assistant City Manager Jim Benson

City Attorney Morgan Foley

City Clerk Linda Hascup

2. INVOCATION AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. Bob McCrary, layperson from United Methodist Church, provided the invocation and Mayor Smisek led the Pledge of Allegiance.

3. MINUTES: Approval of the minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 3, 2007, were approved as submitted. The reading of the minutes in their entirety was unanimously waived.

MSUC (Tanaka/Monroe) moved that the City Council approve minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 3, 2007, a copy having been provided Council prior to the meeting, as submitted.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None



4a. Presentation of Historic Preservation Plaques to Property Owners with Historically Designated Structures. The plaques were presented by Historic Resource Commissioners Gerry MacCartee, Mona Wilson, and Deni Herron. The recipients were:

­ Owner's Name Address Year Built Architectural Style

Dale & Doug St. Denis

710 Adella Avenue


Craftsman Cottage

Vincent & Pat Flynn

1021 Adella


Spanish Revival

Nancye Splinter & Alex Taulbee

208 C Avenue



Sam & Jamie Estrada

471 G Avenue


Spanish Bungalow

Dan & Monica Cepin

940 Glorietta Boulevard



Nancy Crabill

1115 Loma Avenue


English Country Cottage

Van & Jackie Wennen

329 G Avenue



John & Patricia Kelleher

550 A Avenue


Craftsman Bungalow

Fred & Martha Jay

700 B Avenue


Craftsman Bungalow

Bruno & Anna Paul

535 Ocean Boulevard


Italian Renaissance

Lorton & Carolyn Mitchell

623 A Avenue



Carl Jennings

1135 Loma Avenue



Jean Hopfinger

917 A Avenue

Circa 1894



5. CONSENT CALENDAR: The City Council approved, adopted and/or accepted as one item of business Consent Agenda Items 5a through 5h.

MSUC (Ovrom/Downey) moved that the City Council approve the Consent Calendar Items 5a through 5h.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None


5a. Approval of Reading by Title and Waiver of Reading in Full of Ordinances on this Agenda. The City Council waived the reading of the full text and approved the reading of the title only.

5b. Approval of Warrants. The City Council ratified payment of warrants Nos. 10059169 thru 10059676 audited and approved by the Audit Committee, provided there are sufficient funds on hand.

5c. Update on Capital Improvement Program Projects - Informational Item. The City Council accepted the report.

5d. Annual Review and Approval of the City of Coronado Investment Policy. Although there were two minor revisions to the Government code investment requirements that took place on January 1, 2007, neither of these changes impact the City's investment policy or investment options. Therefore, there are no recommended changes to the policy.

The objectives of the City's policy remain as before. The primary objective of the policy is to preserve and safeguard principal. The second objective is to assure sufficient liquidity to meet all operating requirements. The third objective, and only after the first two objectives are met, is the return on investment.

The policy was last reviewed and approved by the City Council on November 21, 2006. The City Council approved the investment policy.

5e. Request to Close Sixth Street from Orange Avenue to E Avenue and D Avenue from Fifth Street to Seventh Street for the Fifteenth Annual Coronado Fire Department Open House. The Open House will take place between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday, September 29, 2007. Sixth Street will be closed between Orange Avenue and E Avenue and D Avenue from Fifth Street to Seventh Street. Fire and Police apparatus will be on display throughout the area. An Air Ambulance will be on display at the intersection of D Avenue and Palm Avenue. Personnel involved will consist of volunteers and Fire Department employees. Some of the participants will be the Coronado Fire Department, Coronado Police Department, Federal Fire Department, San Diego Fire Department, Chula Vista Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, Coronado Hospital, Emergency Preparedness Personnel, Air Ambulance, Pluggie the Fire Truck, and more.

The City Council approved the temporary street closure for the Fifteenth Annual Fire Department Open House.

5f. Approval of Request from California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) for Waiver of Alcohol Prohibition in Tidelands Park to Hold a Post-Festival of Speed Barbecue on October 7, 2007. Coronado Municipal Code 40.28.010 prohibits drinking alcohol "%u2026on any public street, alley, sidewalk, beach, park or other public property within this City except in accordance with the terms of a lease approved by the City Council." On occasion, the City Council has waived the alcohol prohibition for special events in the City: Rotary Club Octoberfest, Lamb's Players Celebration, World Cup Ball, FBI Conference, FOCUS event in Glorietta Bay Park, and Sunday Concert in the Park events.

When considering such requests in the past, the Council has looked at factors including event impact on the community, support by the community and/or region, and event security. The event application has been reviewed by the Police, Fire, Public Services, Engineering, and Recreation departments. The applicant has applied for and received a permit for use of the park from the Port of San Diego Events Office. The applicant will delineate the event area via fencing to discourage other park users from intruding on the event, will hire a security guard to be onsite during the hours of the event, and will provide appropriate proof of insurance. The City Council approved the request and granted permission for beer and wine to be served in an enclosed area in Tidelands Park from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, October, 7, 2007.

5g. Approval of a Resolution Authorizing Execution of the Third Amendment to Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement for the Metro Wastewater Joint Powers Authority Regarding City of Chula Vista Membership. In October of 2000, a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement was circulated by the Metro Wastewater JPA to participating agencies for their endorsement as a member agency. In December of 2000, the City council of the City of Coronado authorized Coronado's participation in the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement, Metro Wastewater JPA. Membership in the Metro Wastewater JPA has provided the City with increased influence on decisions affecting potential sewer rate increases. Currently, participating agencies include the cities of Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Poway, National City, the Lemon Grove Sanitation District, the Otay Water District, the Padre Dam Municipal Water District, and the County of San Diego. Whenever a new agency requests membership in the Metro Wastewater JPA, Article 8 of the JPA requires that participating agencies submit a resolution approving the admission of the new party to the agreement. The attached resolution fulfills this requirement.

The amendment also modifies the JPA to clearly state the rights and obligations of an agency wishing to withdraw from the joint powers authority, and makes further, technical, corrections. The City Council adopted A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CORONADO AUTHORIZING EXECUTION OF THE THIRD AMENDMENT TO THE METRO WASTEWATER JOINT POWERS AUTHORITY TO THE METRO WASTEWATER JOINT POWERS AUTHORITY AGREEMENT REGARDING THE ADDITION OF THE CITY OF CHULA VISTA AS A PARTICIPATING AGENCY. The Resolution was read by Title, the reading in its entirety unanimously waived and adopted by Council as RESOLUTION NO. 8236.

5h. Consideration of Supporting Senate Bill 966, Pharmaceutical Drug Disposal, Allowing Retailers to Establish Prescription Drug Collection Points for Consumers to Dispose of Prescription Drugs. SB 966 permits retailers to establish collection points and properly dispose of customers' unused or expired pharmaceuticals, thus eliminating their potential to harm the environment. The San Diego region's Metro Wastewater Joint Powers Authority supports SB 966 to help remove pharmaceutical drugs from the solid waste and sewage systems, and prevent effects on the environment which could be harmful to plants and people. Additionally, the bill is supported by the League of California Cities, as well as many other cities in California.

The bill will likely be heard in the State Assembly after the summer recess ends on August 20. The City Council authorized the Mayor to sign a letter of support for Senate Bill 966, which would allow retailers to establish collection points for consumers to dispose of prescription drugs.



a. Mona Wilson, 16 Half Moon Bend, invited the City Council to attend Historic Resource Commission meetings on occasion to see how well things are going. She thanked the City Council for its support of the Historic Preservation Ordinance.

b. Mike Canada, 927 D Avenue, said he is interested in an ordinance banning smoking in condominium complex common areas. He has multiple neighbors who smoke all day long. He worries about the effects of second hand smoke on his two small children and pregnant wife.

c. Councilmember Downey announced that she had guest hosted the Voice of San Diego web blog yesterday. She alerted the City Council that the Coronado was very well received in its recycling program. She asked the public how they would respond to mandatory recycling and all but one person in the audience were in favor of it.

d. Councilmember Monroe commented that the City Council just adopted a review of the investment policy. Reading today's paper makes that more interesting to read. The City is "aggressively conservative" in its investment policy. He complimented Ms. Suelter and staff on their efforts. He also mentioned the recent victory in historic preservation. The house on First Street has been sold to John O'Brien. He spoke with Mr. O'Brien about his plans and he wanted to admit publicly that he was wrong in thinking that house that was not salvageable. Through the cooperation of the HRC, Mr. O'Brien is being allowed to add a second story bedroom. Everyone gave a little. The time that this process has built into it led to a good solution.


7a. Update on Council Directed Actions and Citizen Inquiries. No report.






10a. Report from the Port Commissioner Concerning Port Activities. No report.

10b. Recommendation from the Traffic Operations Committee that the City Council Adopt a Resolution to Install Red Traffic Curb Standoffs at the Intersection of Maria Place and Pomona Avenue. Ed Walton, Engineering Department, provided a review of the information provided in the staff report. The TOC recommendation is for three, 3' standoffs.

Mayor Smisek asked if there was enough room for a car to fit in between them. Mr. Walton responded that there would be room for a small car, but not for an SUV. This assumes that the purpose of the recommendation put forth by the community members was due to a lack of visibility for pedestrians.

Councilmember Monroe asked why there is a 3' space at the top of the three red curb spaces in the TOC recommendation. Mr. Walton explained that this was to make the driveway more noticeable. He added that it also limits the space in front to a smaller vehicle than a high profile vehicle.

Councilmember Downey asked if the City is losing the same amount of parking space with the staff proposal. Mr. Walton responded that the City will not lose any parking with the three red smaller sections, but will only limit where a vehicle can park within the space. With one large red curb area, parking spaces are eliminated.

Charlotte Zyno, 1513 Maria Place, spoke in favor of the original recommendation.

Larry Zyno, 1513 Maria Place, provided information in support of the original recommendation.

Tom Mixon, 1519 Maria Place, spoke in favor of the original recommendation.

Mr. Monroe asked about the direction of travel of children. Mr. Mixon explained the situation that he sees regularly.

Marge West, 1514 Maria Place, said she doesn't understand the staff recommendation. There are plenty of parking places on Maria Place. It is usually deserted. She believes the view will be restricted with the proposed plan.

Councilmember Ovrom asked if the person she referred to was the person with the white pickup truck. Ms. West responded affirmatively.

Mayor Smisek asked Mr. Walton a technical question. If the two upper non-parking spaces are connected and they are located higher, would that work to open the view area? Is 3' the minimum size? Can a red curb be put just on the corner to show people not to park there. Mr. Walton explained that 3' is the smallest that is used.

Councilmember Tanaka asked where the red curb will provide more visibility for drivers.

Ms. Downey requested clarification of the pedestrian crossing situation. Council discussion ensued.

Mr. Ovrom said he uses that corner several times a day. He doesn't see a problem as far as the left turn is concerned, but he does have to wait some times. He is having trouble with the safety for left turners. He questioned if this is really a pedestrian issue.

Mr. Walton feels that Mr. Ovrom summarized the issue perfectly.

Mr. Tanaka stated that he appreciates Mr. Ovrom's comments. He makes a good case for doing nothing. He doesn't really see the safety issue but would generally defer to the people who live there. His inclination is to approve the original request, but he can't say that he thinks it is a real clear cut case. He wonders if the rest of the community would resent the premise of the request as it would take away a parking space. Beside that, he doesn't see that the community would be upset by this. This may be a placebo. He doesn't like to vote for the sake of voting.

She agrees with Mr. Tanaka. She doesn't feel that others in Coronado would be upset and Pomona has been asking for something for so long. If the Pomona people think this is something that would make it safer for them and their children she doesn't see a downside.

Mr. Monroe is glad to hear the comments he has heard. He disclosed that he worked for Marge West's husband twice in his Navy career. He thinks the City should either do the 25' or do nothing. The 'do nothing' is where he usually comes down because the safety record of that intersection doesn't show that there is a problem. On the other hand, he is inclined to go with the original recommendation of 25'.

MSUC (Downey/Monroe) moved that the City Council approved the original recommendation of the installation of 25' of red curb at the intersection of Maria Place and Pomona Avenue and directed staff to The City Council adopted A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CORONADO TO INSTALL A RED CUB ZONE AT THE INTERSECTION OF POMONA AVENUE AND MARIA PLACE AS ORIGINALLY REQUESTED BY THE RESIDENTS. The Resolution was read by Title, the reading in its entirety unanimously waived and adopted by Council as RESOLUTION NO. 8237.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None



11a. Council Reports on Inter-Agency Committee and Board Assignments.

Councilmember Monroe briefed with Mayor Mary Sessom from Lemon Grove, new Chair of the SANDAG Board, on the tunnel. She has been a friend of Coronado in her position on the Airport Authority when she gave the City advance information on a new bill about the reorganization of the airport. He attended the Chula Vista City Council meeting with Greg Cox to brief them on the Bayshore Bikeway, then the San Diego Land Use and Planning Committee to brief the same. He attended the Full Access Coordinated Transportation Committee (FACT) meeting, represented Councilmember Downey on the Shoreline Preservation Committee, met with Ron Mendelbaum, a community member who likes to stay informed on issues such as the firefighter contract, met with Kris Grant, attended an MTS Board meeting, a meeting of the League of California Cities for Mayors and Councilmembers in Monterey, attended a special meeting regarding the Tunnel that was attended by Jim Benson, Admiral Clarey, and Richard Ledford. He also attended the SANDAG Regional Planning Committee meeting with Councilmember Downey where they both presented regional issues. He presented on the prosperity strategy he has been working on with Mayor Cox.


Councilmember Tanaka met with Police Chief Lou Scanlon to discuss Police Department issues he is interested in, attended a Fire Dispatch agenda setting meeting in Coronado, met with Ron Mendelbaum to discuss union issues, attended a CIP meeting with Mayor Smisek regarding the Marina public art project, chaired a Fire Dispatch meeting where it was reported that the Executive Director has resigned and now there is a need to find a new director. Kim Raddatz is the Vice Chair on the Board of Chiefs and he is the Chair, so they will both be involved in the selection of the new director. An interim director has been appointed. He flew aboard USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN with staff. He said he has a great appreciation for what the sailors do every day. It was a great trip and the Navy is a great host.

Councilmember Ovrom attended a Metro Commission and JPA meetings.

Councilmember Downey attended Public Utility Commission meetings on the Sunrise Powerlink, attended the SANDAG Board meeting on behalf of Councilmember Monroe where she voted in favor to support Christine Kehoe's bill to reorganize the airport authority. It was a bit more contentious than she expected, but it did pass. Several cities have requested additional accommodations be looked at should there be opportunities. The changes requested were ones that Coronado would support. She attended the SANDAG Planning Board meeting where she commented on the Prosperity Strategy working group at SANDAG, chaired by Mr. Monroe, that produced a very hopeful report. It looked at what it is that keeps the San Diego economy going and what can be done to encourage the right kinds of growth. She would like to see copies of the report available in the City. She also briefed her Environmental Mitigation Program status for the SANDAG Board. The funding will continue and this can be wrapped up. She is hoping that will happen in the next year.

Mayor Smisek attended the 4th of July parade with the rest of the City Council. He attended two MainStreet meetings in July and August where the focus has been on the September 15 Garden Party. He met with Mary Sessom, the Chair of SANDAG, with Mr. Monroe. The Airport Commission legislation that she provided a head's up on centered on the issues of the voting strength of the South Bay and the other outlying areas versus the City of San Diego. After some negotiation the product that was sent to Christine Kehoe is much fairer than the initial method. He attended a meeting of the Library Board, the Golf Committee where sand traps are being reviewed, a CHA annual meeting, a Chamber meeting where Donna Ball was installed, a CIP subcommittee meeting regarding art at the Marina, a Navy Complexes meeting where there was discussion of the Grand Opening of the Third Street Gate on August 30th at 11:00 a.m. He advised that it would be a big event, with some rerouting of traffic that morning. He also attended a meeting of the National Naval Officers' Association. He met with Assistant Secretary Buddy Penn and Rear Admiral Hering where there were further discussions of the issues he and Councilmember Ovrom had discussed with them in Washington. Mayor Smisek met with the CNO for about an hour. He understands Coronado's position and thanked Coronado for the vote on the third carrier and help with the carrier in Japan. He is willing to help with the traffic situation. He attended a Tunnel Commission meeting, the CHA Volunteer lunch, and the South Bay Mayors meeting in Imperial Beach where he learned that Jack Miller was appointed to the Airport Commission by Cheryl Cox, Mayor of Chula Vista, as the new South Bay representative. Mayor Smisek also met with the Chamber of Commerce about this City Council meeting.

11b. Consideration of Appointment of One New Member to the Coronado Library Board of Trustees.

Nancy Kirby Cuddy, 870 Country Club Lane, introduced herself to the City Council and expressed her interest in serving on the Coronado Library Board of Trustees.

Robin Franck, 317 Fifth Street, asked that the City Council reconsider her application to serve on the Coronado Library Board of Trustees.

Mayor Smisek explained the voting procedure for committee appointments. Each City Council member can vote for as many candidates as he or she wishes in the first round. Each candidate receiving three votes or more moves into the second round. In the second round the City Council members can still vote as often or as little as he or she wishes. If there is a tie after the second round, then each Council member can only vote once. The City Clerk read the names of the candidates and recorded the votes. Ms. Franck received votes to carry through to the last round to be appointed.

MSUC (Smisek/Downey) moved that the City Council appoint Robin Franck to serve on the Coronado Library Board of Trustees for a three-year term to expire August 31, 2010.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None


12. CITY ATTORNEY: No report.


13a. Consideration of Request from Councilmember Monroe to Discuss Future of Strand Way Traffic Pattern. Councilmember Monroe advised that he had decided not to ask for reconsideration after learning more about this issue and seeing the traffic backing up in front of the Boathouse Restaurant. The problem he was interested in solving is the speed issue, particular with the perpendicular parking. He would still like to look at ways to limit the speed with humps or signs, etc. He withdrew his request for reconsideration.

Councilmember Downey stated that she would have supported Councilmember Monroe as she does see people cutting across where traffic is going 45 mph. She asked what will keep people from doing that.

Mayor Smisek Mayor Mr. Monroe that had previously been decided to return the street to two-way at one point. He does agree that if speed is the issue a speed hump or another slowing method or enforcement device could help. If it is opened up to two way traffic that will relieve some of the congestion at that corner.

Councilmember Ovrom said he doesn't have any trouble getting in there with his truck. He remembers a discussion some time ago about the new Hotel Del entrance. At the time he was an advocate for closing down Strand Way but he recalls losing that discussion.

Mayor Smisek recalled that the City Council initially didn't think they would have enough room for the pedestrian boardwalk so that is why it talked about leaving Strand Way as one lane or closing it. Then Engineering figured out how to keep two narrow lanes and have the boardwalk. The Hotel Del's planning is still up in the air. Maybe the smart thing is to close the gap onto the Strand and not allow people to come in from there.

Mr. Ovrom thinks it is interesting that the current entrance at the Hotel is as dangerous as it always was. Was there no consideration given to moving it?

Mayor Smisek responded that it is still in the mix to be considered later.

Assistant City Manager Jim Benson commented that the earthquake fault really made the Hotel Del's entrance issue more difficult.

Mr. Monroe pointed out that there is also a new problem. Because people can't cut in here, they go past to Glorietta into the five-way intersection at the Golf Course, the route of least resistance. People speed as fast as they can to get there.

Mr. Benson agreed that the City has definitely noticed the phenomenon of people bypassing Pomona, going up to Glorietta and back down. The volume isn't that much yet, but they do it and they do speed up.

Ms. Downey inquired as to what the speed limit is on Strand Way.

Mr. Benson responded that it is 25 mph, the standard residential speed, and explained that there is a rationale there to lower it.

Mayor Smisek added that the other rationale for slowing the speed limit down is because the narrowing of the lanes creates more of an alley sized lane rather than a road size lane. The alley speed limit is 15 mph.

Ms. Downey thinks it would be helpful if it could be lowered.

Councilmember Tanaka thinks there are two different issues and he does not feel that the two-way traffic issue deals with the speed issue. The other thing that worries him is the people who straddle the middle of the line. He doesn't know that the two-way/one-way is the way to deal with speed. Everyone has a problem pulling out of the parking spaces. Rumble strips may be the thing, short of a speed hump, that could prove effective.

Mayor Smisek feels that is something that could be sent to Engineering to take a look at.

The City Council recessed at 4:22 p.m. to Closed Session and the Supplement Closed Session Agenda item.




AUTHORITY: Government Code 54956.9(a)

NAME OF CASE: Francisca Rogers v City of Coronado

San Diego Superior Court Case (Case No. GIC 878713)


AUTHORITY: Government Code 54957.6

CITY NEGOTIATORS: Jim Benson, Assistant City Manager; Leslie Suelter, Director of Administrative Services

EMPLOYEE ORGANIZATION: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)



AUTHORITY: Subdivision (a) of Government Code 54956.9

NAME OF CASE: Citizens for Preservation of Coronado Beach v. City of Coronado, et al.

The City Council resumed the regular meeting at 5:33 p.m. City Attorney Morgan Foley advised that, regarding Item 14a direction was given to the City's legal counsel and on Item 14b no action was taken.

Regarding the Closed Session item from the Supplemental Agenda, Mayor Smisek recused himself from the closed session at 5:14 p.m. as he was disqualified to ownership of real property. The City Attorney reported that no action was taken on that item.

15. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

Approved: September 4, 2007


Tom Smisek, Mayor

Attest: City of Coronado


Linda K. Hascup

City Clerk




CITY OF CORONADO City Hall Council Chambers Coronado, CA 92118

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Community Development Agency regular meeting was called to order at 4:23 p.m.


Present: Members Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka, and Smisek

Absent: None

Also Present: Agency Acting Executive Director Jim Benson

Agency Attorney Morgan Foley

Agency Secretary Linda Hascup

2. MINUTES: The minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 3, 2007, copies having been delivered to each member of the Community Development Agency prior to the meeting, the reading in its entirety unanimously waived, were approved as submitted.



a. Executive Director: No report.

b. Agency Secretary: No report.

c. Agency Treasurer: Approval of Warrants - The Agency approved Warrants No. 90003479 through 90003520 as audited and approved by the Audit Committee, provided there are sufficient funds on hand.

d. Agency Attorney: No report.


a. Approval of Authorization to Execute a Contract with the Rosenow Spevacek Group, Incorporated to Manage the Rehabilitation of Agency-owned Affordable Housing at 840 G Avenue. The property at 840 G Avenue is in need of some immediate exterior safety and deferred maintenance improvements. The rehabilitation project will focus primarily on replacement of the exterior guardrails on the stairs and balconies. Additionally, the rehabilitation will also include upgrading the exterior water heater closets, replacing and improving water heater systems, and some window replacements. At this time, it is unlikely that any tenants will need to be relocated.

The Rosenow Spevacek Group, Inc. has worked with the Agency on a wide variety of redevelopment issues since its inception in 1985. RSG has managed the relocation and rehabilitation project at 525 Orange Avenue. Because RSG is extremely familiar with Coronado, it would be beneficial to utilize the professional services of RSG for this housing project.

Retaining RSG to manage this project is similar to the manner in which the Agency contracted with a consultant to assist in the exterior rehabilitation of the Agency-owned properties at 445-451 and 406-430 Orange Avenue and 560-566 G Avenue in 2004.

The attached proposed work program is divided into three areas of responsibility to complete the rehabilitation project, which are summarized below:

  1. Building and site improvement concepts/plans: RSG will work with Agency staff to generate plans for rehabilitation of the property in order to extend the building life and provide safety and health improvements.

  1. Construction bidding, oversight, and closeout: RSG would prepare construction cost estimates and construction bid packages. RSG would act as the Agency's construction manager, overseeing the contractor's work, processing payment request, addressing construction drawing interpretation issues, processing and monitoring change orders, ensuring that the improvements are built in accordance with the plans and specifications, and processing closeout requirements. RSG would prepare all necessary CDBG reporting documents.
  1. Coordinate with property management: During construction, RSG would ensure proper noticing and communication with tenants regarding the construction project.

It is anticipated that the project would be completed by March 2008.

MSUC (Ovrom/Tanaka) upon consent to approve the Consultant work plan; Authorize the Executive Director to execute a contract with the Rosenow Spevacek Group, Incorporated, to complete the tasks outlined in the Work Program; and to appropriate $25,000 from the 20% Housing Set-Aside Fund (Fund 290) for the costs of the contract.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka, and Smisek

NAYS: None



b. Approval of a Resolution Reaffirming the Community Development Agency Use of the City of Coronado Investment Policy. The Agency has annually adopted the City of Coronado's investment policy, by reference, in its current form and as it may be amended in the future. As the City's policy is updated, the revisions are automatically included in the Agency's policy. Having one policy for both agencies assists in ensuring that the investments meet the criteria for selecting investments in the following order of priority: Safety, Liquidity and Yield.

MSUC (Ovrom/Tanaka) upon consent that the Agency Board approve the resolution reaffirming the investment policy. The Resolution was read by Title, the reading in its entirety unanimously waived and adopted by the Agency as RESOLUTION NO. CDA-191.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka, and Smisek

NAYS: None



The Agency recessed into Closed Session at 4:24 p.m.



AUTHORITY: Government Code 54956.8

PROPERTY: 820 Orange Avenue, Coronado

AGENCY NEGOTIATORS: Rachel Hurst, Assistant Executive Director, Jim Benson, Assistant City Manager, and Morgan Foley, Agency Attorney

NEGOTIATING PARTIES: John Siegel and Robert Siegel


The regular meeting resumed at 5:33 pm.

The Agency Attorney reported that direction was given to the Agency's negotiator.

7. ADJOURNMENT: The Agency adjourned at 4:41 p.m.

Approved: September 4, 2007


Tom Smisek, Chair



Linda K. Hascup, Agency Secretary