City Council Minutes - 07/03/2007

Date of Record: 2007-07-03
                                                                                                      MINUTES OF A


                                                                                            CITY COUNCIL OF THE


                                                                                                   Coronado City Hall

1825 Strand Way

Coronado, CA 92118

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mayor Smisek called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.


Present: Councilmembers Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka, and

Mayor Smisek

Absent: None

Also Present: City Manager Mark Ochenduszko

City Attorney Morgan Foley

City Clerk Linda Hascup

2. INVOCATION AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. Frank Leslie, layperson from St. Paul's Methodist Church, provided the invocation and Mayor Smisek led the Pledge of Allegiance.

3. MINUTES: Approval of the minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 19, 2007 and the Special Meeting of June 25, 2007 were approved as amended. The reading of the minutes in their entirety was unanimously waived.

MSUC (Downey/Tanaka) moved that the City Council approve minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 19, 2007 and the Special Meeting of June 25, 2007, a copy having been provided Council prior to the meeting, as amended.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None



4a. Proclamation: Parks and Recreation Month. Mayor Smisek presented the proclamation to Linda Rahn and several members of the Recreation Department staff. Lori Stucki and Stacey Berman announced the 19th Annual Water Carnival and 2nd Annual Anniversary Celebration at the Recreation Center on Saturday, July 7.


5. CONSENT CALENDAR: The City Council approved, adopted and/or accepted as one item of business Consent Agenda Items 5a through 5j with the addition of Item 11e.

Councilmember Downey commented on Item 11e. She said there had been a comment and a request from a resident who lives along 3rd to look at encouraging drivers to go slower by making the road look narrower. She notices that one of the places that the City is not doing bulb-outs or doing other traffic calming measures where drivers come off the bridge, make the turn and an extra lane is added giving drivers the idea that they can go faster.

Councilmember Tanaka commented on Item 5i. On page 112 of the staff report there is a list of all of the City's part-time temporary positions. As he looked through those he found himself growing more and more uncomfortable with the number of part time classifications that the City does not provide benefits for. Many of these workers provide significant service to the City. He is interested in coming up with a better way for them to buy into possible benefits.

MSUC (Downey/Tanaka) moved that the City Council approve the Consent Calendar Items 5a through 5j with the addition of Item 11e - Direction to Staff on the Design and Location of Bulb-outs as Part of the State Route (SR) 75/282 Congestion Relief and Corridor Enhancement Project.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None


5a. Approval of Reading by Title and Waiver of Reading in Full of Ordinances on this Agenda. The City Council waived the reading of the full text and approved the reading of the title only.

5b. Approval of Warrants. The City Council ratified payment of warrants Nos. 10058738 thru 10059168 audited and approved by the Audit Committee, provided there are sufficient funds on hand.

5c. Approval and Acceptance of the Transbay Wet Well Emergency Relining Project. Ortiz Corporation was issued a Notice to Proceed on April 30, 2007. The project was completed in accordance with the project plans and specifications on June 29, 2007. The City Council accepted the Transbay Wet Well Relining project and directed the City Clerk to file a Notice of Completion.

5d. Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing the Destruction of Certain Documents Located in the Administrative Services, City Clerk, Community Development, Fire Services, Public Services, Recreation Services, and Police Services Departments. During normal maintenance and management of City records, City departments have identified records that are ready for purging and destruction. In compliance with Gov. C. Section 34090, it is not believed that these records have a lasting administrative, legal, fiscal, historical, or research value. These records have been identified by record type, date of the record, and retention period as listed on the Record Destruction Lists as Exhibit A of the Resolution. Destruction of these records complies with the provisions of the City's Records Retention Policy. The City Attorney has reviewed the lists and has approved of the documents' destruction. The City Council adopted A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CORONADO AUTHORIZING THE DESTRUCTION OF CERTAIN DOCUMENTS LOCATED IN THE ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, CITY CLERK, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, FIRE SERVICES, PUBLIC SERVICES, RECREATION SERVICES, AND POLICE SERVICES DEPARTMENTS. The Resolution was read by Title, the reading in its entirety unanimously waived and adopted by Council as RESOLUTION NO. 8233.

5e. Approval of Request from Friends of Children United Society (FOCUS) for Waiver of Alcohol Prohibition in Glorietta Bay Park to Hold a Twenty-Fifth Birthday Event on August 11, 2007. Coronado Municipal Code 40.28.010 prohibits drinking alcohol "%u2026on any public street, alley, sidewalk, beach, park or other public property within this City except in accordance with the terms of a lease approved by the City Council." On occasion, the City Council has waived the alcohol prohibition ordinance for special events in the City; Rotary Club Octoberfest, Lamb's Players Celebration, World Cup Ball, FBI Conference, and Sunday Concerts in the Park events.

When considering such requests in the past, the Council has looked at factors including event impact on the community, support by community and/or region, and event security. The event application has been reviewed by the Police, Fire, Public Services, Engineering and Recreation departments. The applicant will obtain a permit for use of the park from the Recreation Department and will work with Recreation staff to obtain the appropriate liability insurance. The applicant will also work with Recreation Department staff to determine the appropriate area for the event. The applicant will delineate the event area via fencing or tape with signage identifying the event as a permitted private party and will ensure that someone will be onsite throughout the day once the designated area has been established. A security guard will be hired by the applicant to be onsite during the hours of the event. The City Council approved the request and granted permission for beer and wine to be served in an enclosed area in Glorietta Bay Park from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 11, 2007.

5f. Renewal of Contract with San Diego Harbor Excursion for FY 2007-2008 Commuter Ferry Service. The fare-free commuter ferry service provided by San Diego Harbor Excursion operates weekdays during peak commute periods. Ridership in FY 1999-2000 was 45,810 with a per passenger subsidy of $2.62. Annual ridership increased substantially after September 11, 2001. This year's ridership is projected to be approximately 78,122 with a per passenger subsidy of approximately $1.78. This per passenger subsidy compares very favorably with the per passenger subsidy of other peak express transit services. Ridership on this service fluctuates from month to month and year to year based on the season, the weather, and number of ships in port among other things. Exhibit B is the contract for services. The City Council approved the FY 2007-2008 contract with San Diego Harbor Excursion and authorized the City Manager to execute the fund transfer agreements with San Diego Harbor Excursion, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS).

5g. Designation of Voting Delegate for the League of California Cities Annual Conference on September 5 to September 8, 2007. Councilmember Carrie Downey is the City Council-appointed representative attending the League of California Cities - San Diego Division meetings. Councilmember Al Ovrom, Jr. is the alternate representative. As Councilmember Downey has a scheduling conflict, Councilmember Ovrom has indicated he will be able to attend. If the Council feels that an alternate representative needs to be appointed, they may appoint another member, if any, who will be attending the conference. The City Council appointed Al Ovrom, Jr. as the voting delegate at the League of California Cities Annual Business Meeting.

5h. Authorization to Temporarily Exceed Maximum Authorized Personnel for Position of Maintenance Worker II in the Department of Public Services. A permanent Special Equipment Mechanic I in the Department of Public Services' Parks Division has been on personal leave with a medical condition since late February; at the earliest, he will be able to return to work in December 2007, and that date is uncertain. There are two Special Equipment Mechanic positions in the Department of Public Services; they are responsible for the repair and maintenance of over 120 pieces of specialized, smaller, equipment, including mowers, chainsaws, edgers, weeders, sprayers, etc., as well as providing additional labor support to our grounds crew. This absence is impacting the Department's ability to provide prompt repairs to specialized equipment and needed support to the grounds crew. This has required the Special Equipment Mechanic II to work extended hours to keep this equipment operational.

If approved, a permanent staff member will be assigned to fill the position on a temporary basis; the Department is requesting approval to overstaff with one Maintenance Worker position to cover the vacated position. This overstaffing will be reduced to regular levels through attrition or through an internal transfer of staff members. In the meantime, this overstaffing will allow the Department to continue to repair special equipment expeditiously, including special equipment used in emergency situations, while also allowing the Department to continue to meet its other responsibilities in a timely manner. The City Council authorized Public Services to temporarily increase the number of Maintenance Worker II positions by one until such time as a long-term absence is resolved. Approved temporary over-staffing to be reduced back to regular intervals through attrition or a reduction in force.

5i. Resolution Approving the Personnel Authorization and Compensation Plan for Fiscal Year 2007-08 (Salary Resolution). The Salary Resolution adjusts salaries and benefits for police, fire, and self-represented and executive employees. The salary modifications are effective with the pay period that began on June 23, 2007. Proposed increases to the cafeteria plan contributions will be effective January 1, 2008.

At this time, the City is still negotiating with representatives of its Public Services and Golf Course employees (AFSCME Local 127). Staff will return at a later City Council meeting with a modified salary resolution when negotiations with this group are concluded. In the absence of a successor memoranda of understanding (MOUs), the compensation, terms, and conditions of the existing contract carry forward. The City Council adopted A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CORONADO ADOPTING PERSONNEL AUTHORIZATION AND COMPENSATION PLAN FISCAL YEAR 2007-08. The Resolution was read by Title, the reading in its entirety unanimously waived and adopted by Council as RESOLUTION NO. 8235.


5j. Approval of Concessionaire to Operate the Coffee Cart Service at the Coronado Public Library. While no other coffee cart concessions operate on City property, other examples of food concessions on City property have served as models. Issues of the coffee cart operating schedule, types of beverages and food products offered, prices, procedures, logistics, and other matters have been arranged to by the proposed concessionaire and the Library. A draft Agreement for Services has been prepared, with terms pending final approval by the City Council. The terms of the Agreement are consistent with other operator agreements in the City. The Agreement covers a five-year period with an option to renew the Agreement as is or with mutually agreed revised terms. Final steps needed to be taken by the concessionaire will also be the acquiring of a Business License and Commercial Use Permit from the City, as well as obtaining and providing proof of Commercial Liability Insurance and Workers' Compensation Insurance. The City Council approved Chelsea Grant as the concessionaire to the Coffee Cart Service at the Coronado Public Library. The City Council also authorized the City Manager to execute the Agreement with the concessionaire.




a. Gene Kemp, 736 F Avenue, congratulated Linda Rahn and her staff for the work they do and mentioned his great grandchild who will be using the recreation facilities this summer. He wished all a Happy 4th of July and submitted a letter requesting reconsideration of the 3 June vote of the City Council regarding the Golf Course improvements on the CIP budget.

b. Jennifer Landry, 921 E Avenue, spoke about new rules for parking trailers on the street. She provided a scenario for what happens when her family frequently goes camping and the limit of permits allowed per family per year. She requested that the number of permits per family be increased from three per year. Councilmembers Monroe and Ovrom asked that the City Manager look into this.


7a. Update on Council Directed Actions and Citizen Inquiries. No report.


8a. Public Hearing: Approval of a Resolution for a One-Lot Tentative Parcel Map to Allow for Condominium Ownership of Two Residential Units at 457 E Avenue in the R-3 (Multiple Family Residential) Zone (PC 8-07, Skaalen, Derek). Peter Fait, Associate Planner, provided the staff report.

Mayor Smisek opened the public hearing and seeing no one wishing to speak on the item, the public hearing was closed.

MSUC (Downey/Ovrom) moved that the City Council adopt A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CORONADO APPROVING A ONE LOT TENTATIVE PARCEL MAP FOR DEVELOPMENT OF TWO CONDOMINIUM UNITS FOR LOT 35, BLOCK 123, MAP 376 CBSI, ADDRESSED AS 457 E AVENUE, CORONADO, CA. The Resolution was read by Title, the reading in its entirety unanimously waived and adopted by Council as RESOLUTION NO. 8234.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None






10a. Report from the Port Commissioner Concerning Port Activities. No report.


11a. Council Reports on Inter-Agency Committee and Board Assignments.

Councilmember Ovrom reported that he relieved Mayor Smisek at 3 a.m. at the Relay for Life. He met with some citizens over a tree issue that he has talked to the City Manager about.

Councilmember Tanaka attended the Special Meeting for the CFA impasse, and met with a student who will be interning as a policy advisor.

Councilmember Monroe attended a SANDAG Board meeting, a Borders Committee meeting, and a Transportation Committee meeting. The new mayor of Tijuana was present at the SANDAG Board meeting. He owns a house in the Coronado Cays. He is working hard on cross border issues and on ways to help out both economies. He attended an MTS Board meeting where there was a review of some of the real estate MTS owns all over the County. Many members were surprised at some of the parcels. Some of the newer members felt that any real estate that MTS owns that is not associated with transit, MTS should be sold. That has not been the MTS policy for a long time. He attended a meeting of the South County Economic Development Council meeting where Jim Janney, the Mayor of Imperial Beach, was relieved by Doug Paul as president of the organization. It is a viable, good organization that keeps getting bigger and better. They discussed the current waterfront situation in Chula Vista with Gaylord.

Mayor Smisek attended the Change of Command for Vice Admiral Zortman who was relieved as Naval Air Commander. He welcomed Tom Kilcline, a CHS graduate from the Class of '69 as the new Air Commander. He mentioned that these two admirals, plus Admiral Willard were all from the same Naval Academy class. He participated in the Relay for Life, attended the South Bay Mayors meeting, a special CFA meeting, met with Councilmember Monroe and the City Manager regarding the City Manager's evaluation.

Councilmember Downey attended the kick off meeting for Todd Gloria's election campaign and met several Coronado residents. She also did a trial run of the presentation she is going to do for SANDAG on the last of the three workshops for qualify of life issues. The Environmental Mitigation Program she chairs, even though it has the TransNet funding, there are unfunded mandates to finish all the work restoring habitat and monitoring species in all of the area habitat plans. Coronado is only one of two cities that hasn't adopted a plan because there aren't very many species that would be covered by one and it isn't needed and projects are properly mitigated as they are done. It was requested that she make the presentation to Mr. Monroe in advance of the official presentation.

11b. Consideration of Reappointment of One Incumbent to an Additional Term, and Appointment of Two New Members to the Design Review Commission.

MSUC (Downey/Monroe) moved that the City Council reappoint Jane Reed to a second three-year term on the Design Review Commission that will expire on July 31, 2010.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and

NAYS: None



Polly Jones introduced herself to the City Council and provided background information as did Linda Stanton, Todd Shallan and Robbins Kelly.

The City Clerk read the names of the candidates and recorded the votes. After the voting was complete, the City Council took the following actions:

MSUC (Smisek/Monroe) moved that the City Council appoint Polly Jones in the field of design to the Design Review Commission for a three-year term that will expire on July 31, 2010.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None


MSUC (Smisek/Monroe) moved that the City Council appoint Todd Shallan as a business owner to the Design Review Commission for a three-year term that will expire on July 31, 2010.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None


11c. Reconsideration of Request from Coronado Art Walk for FY 07-08 Funding. Dot Harms, Deputy Director, Coronado Historical Association, made a presentation in support of funding for the Art Walk.

Mayor Smisek disclosed that he had spoken with Ms. Harms the previous day. He asked if the City Council would entertain the idea of a $5,000 loan that would be put in for cash flow purposes. If everything goes well for the Art Ball and Art Walk the City Council would then get that money back. If things don't go well, the City Council can consider looking into helping defray the costs.

Councilmember Monroe said he would support this idea. He thought the Art Walk was wonderful. The only misunderstanding he saw was the location. Regarding Coronado Historical providing help, the City Council supports CHA with $350,000 a year.

Councilmember Downey advised that she would support the loan if it gets the City Council where it wants to go. She asked if it is possible to identify the specific circumstances under which they would have to pay it back. Mayor Smisek responded that if the projection they gave the City Council comes to fruition, then the $5,000 is a loan. Ms. Downey asked if this is enough to get them into the next year. Mayor Smisek commented that it really depends on how successful CHA is from year to year because they are the ones who float the money. Ms. Downey would rather keep it clean than funnel these funds through another organization. Mayor Smisek commented that this is not a City of Coronado project. CHA, MainStreet, and other groups are the sponsors, not the City.

Councilmember Tanaka commented that the City Council ordinarily funds an event, not the group putting it on. His understanding is that CHA has stepped up to help put the event on. CHA funding is already dedicated to what CHA does. They are overburdening themselves by offering that help. He would rather just provide annual funding of $5,000 and tell them not to come back for more. He will go with the majority of the City Council on this.

Ms. Harms said that she wants the event to be self-sustaining and not to have to come to the City asking for money. They are not doing their job if that is what they have to do.

MSUC (Downey/Monroe) moved that the City Council approve a $5,000 loan for the Art Walk and directed staff to prepare loan paperwork to be executed by the City Manager.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None


11d. Direction on the Conceptual Design Alternatives to be Used for the Coronado Rotary Plaza Project. Assistant City Manager Jim Benson introduced Eric Minicilli, Associate Engineer. Mr. Minicilli provided diagrams for Options 1, 1A and 2. Mr. Minicilli introduced members of the design team, including Ehab Gerges with Harris & Associates, Pat O'Connor with Parkiary, and Chris Ackerman with Ackerman Group.

Mayor Smisek asked about whether or not the hotels have been contacted. Mr. Minicilli responded that they have not been contacted yet.

Councilmember Ovrom requested clarification of the gray versus green areas within the color elevations of the presentation. Mr. Gerges explained that the green area is park and the gray area is an extension of sidewalk areas that are concrete.

Councilmember Downey questioned why the City is doing this project at all. Mayor Smisek explained that this came out of the Business Area Development Plan (BADP) from the 1980s. In the 1990s the City Council went through the BADP to pick out the particular projects it wanted to include in the CIP. The Rotary Plaza was one of those projects.

Ms. Downey pointed out that traffic calming is part of it. Mayor Smisek added that it is pedestrian friendly. He and Mr. Tanaka also pointed out that this is what the businesses wanted to do. Mayor Smisek added that Chris Ackerman was involved in the original design and the BADP supports the option.

Mr. Benson talked about the gray area pointed out by Councilmember Ovrom. That is a corner where the traffic comes quickly around. The idea is to slow that traffic down. The Isabella side of the intersection has always been a difficult place for pedestrians and vehicles to figure out.

Councilmember Tanaka commented that something that came up in the CIP is that it is a great space for a grassy area.

Councilmember Monroe wanted to add an explanation of the BADP. It was one of the first things he participated in when he came to Coronado. The City has now accomplished 85% of that plan. MainStreet was formed as a result of that plan and the median gardens were done. He added that he would like to see wi-fi added to the plaza plan also.

Mr. Ovrom commented that he sees the reason to bulb out by the bank to slow down traffic, but he is concerned that some of the bulb-outs might be stealing parking places that can be saved.

Mr. Gerges explained the rationale for the location of the bulb-outs as traffic claming devices. It is something that can be reviewed.

Nick Nicholas, business owner at 1000 Park Place, explained that his fear was that the business owners were not going to have the opportunity to discuss this project. The most glaring thing he sees is that there is no yellow parking included for a loading zone. There are other questions about access and exit. As long as there is the opportunity to discuss this with the people involved, he won't have an objection. He is concerned about the loss of 17 parking spaces.

Mayor Smisek confirmed with the City Manager that the Engineering Department would speak with him and other business owners about the concerns mentioned.

Rita Sarich, MainStreet, requested that a presentation be made to the MainStreet Board on this project. She has concerns about its effect on the MotorCars on Mainstreet event and asked when this would occur. Mr. Ochenduszko responded that the City will have to coordinate with MainStreet.

Joe Ditler, CHA, made a suggestion about parking. On Park Place there is some parallel parking on the north side. He thinks that diagonal parking there would help replace some of the lost parking from this construction. He asked if there is any handicap access in the plan. Mr. Benson responded that it hasn't been designed to that point yet.

Caroline Murray, 770 Coronado Avenue, is in favor of the project but is concerned about several things, including the bulb-outs. At Adella the bulb-outs will make people come to a complete stop and then make the turn. With 10th Street, this makes a convoluted situation. The loss of 17 parking spaces may be too many. The size of the green area may be too big.

Mr. Ackerman, 765 C Avenue, commented that in any project one has to balance different things. The double parallel parking on Isabella was put in a few years ago and provided a mass of additional parking that didn't previously exist. He clarified that people are talking about increasing the size of the park. Option 2 is similar in concept to what the Rotary Plaza design was in BADP but it is smaller. It is not as large as what was approved in the BADP by the City. He would really like to see the Plaza at least as large as it was approved before. If this is going to be done, it should be done right. There are other ways to possibly gain parking.

Mr. Monroe asked for clarification on the size of the different options.

Mr. Tanaka feels that there are some real safety concerns at 10th and Orange and the bulb out addresses these. There may be a way to open up a couple more parking spaces. He is warming up to Option 1a and would like to see what the City can to do to not give up 17 spaces. He values the park space the City is creating, but he thinks it is very clear that some of it is more valuable than others. He agrees with Mr. Ovrom that the City should examine what parts of gray can be hollowed out or moved back a little bit to regain a space or two.

MSUC (Ovrom/Monroe) moved that the City Council direct that all three alternatives for Coronado Rotary Plaza be fully analyzed for fatal flaws and if none are discovered, Alternative #2 be determined to be the preferred alternative and be approved for final design.

Ms. Downey questioned why closing off access from Isabella to Orange wasn't an option. Mayor Smisek responded that Isabella is a main thoroughfare and Park isn't. Ms. Downey agrees with the idea of looking for options that will not lose 17 parking spaces. She would also like to discuss further what is going to be done with the park.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None



11e. Direction to Staff on the Design and Location of Bulb-Outs as Part of the State Route (SR) 75/282 Congestion Relief and Corridor Enhancement Project. The need to keep the SR 75/282 corridor operating safely and efficiently is critical to the people who reside in the area, the businesses that operate within the City and the people who commute to and through the City for work or recreation. The corridor serves as one of the two primary access points to the City. The corridor is approximately 1.4 miles in length and traverses through a primarily residential neighborhood, with limited hotel/motel and commercial uses. The SR 75/282 corridor is the most heavily traveled State Highway in the San Diego region and serves as the main access to the largest combined military airport and aircraft carrier berthing facility on the West Coast of the United States.

Bulb-outs are recommended to improve the safety and quality of life for residents living adjacent to the corridor. North Island Naval Air Station has the most significant influence on traffic volumes within Coronado. Morning and evening commutes generate large traffic volumes along the corridor as a result of people traveling to and from work on the base. During peak hours of the day, high traffic volumes make it difficult for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross Third and Fourth Streets. Traffic calming elements such as bulb-outs will help reduce the speed of cars traveling through the residential neighborhoods. Traffic control will make turning movements off of Third and Fourth Streets, pedestrian crossings and bicycle travel safer along the corridor.

As proposed, each bulb-out would be created by removing the existing curbs at intersection corners, widening the corners toward the street and re-joining the widened corners to the existing sidewalks. The bulb-outs would facilitate pedestrian crossings and sidewalk access for disabled persons by decreasing the distance to cross the street. However, the Project Development Team is recommending that features located within these proposed bulb-outs consist only of colored concrete with perhaps a decorative pattern per the Caltrans "Historical Preservation" requirements or some other type of landscaping. Landscaping was not recommended in order to minimize maintenance, preclude sight distance limitations and prevent irrigation overflow onto this very flat roadway. If landscaping is desired there are additional construction costs associated with installing an irrigation system. Under Consent, the City Council directed staff to proceed with final Plans, Specification and Estimate (PS&E) and Permit Engineer Evaluation Report (PEER) for the concrete bulb-outs (Alternative 1) as depicted in RBF Consulting's Proposed Improvements, Fourth Street and F Avenue, Figures 1 and 3 (typical) at the following intersections: Third Street at intersection with F Avenue; Third Street at intersection with H Avenue (See RBF's Figure 2); Fourth Street at intersection with B Avenue; Fourth Street at intersection with F Avenue; and, Fourth Street at intersection with H Avenue.

The City Council recessed to Closed Session at 4:40 p.m. When the Closed Session concluded the Council reconvened at 6:03 p.m. to hear Item 11f.

11f. Consideration of Amendment to the City Manager Employment Agreement. Mayor Smisek explained that the City Council met in Closed Session to discuss the conduct and performance of the City Manager. Based on that discussion the City Council authorized the Mayor to execute an amendment to the City Manager Employment Agreement.

MSUC (Monroe/Tanaka) moved that the City Council authorize the Mayor to execute an agreement to the City Manager Employment Agreement.

AYES: Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka and Smisek

NAYS: None


12. CITY ATTORNEY: No report.




AUTHORITY: Government Code 54957.6

CITY NEGOTIATORS: Mark Ochenduszko, City Manager; Leslie Suelter, Director of Administrative Services; Jim Benson, Assistant City Manager

EMPLOYEE ORGANIZATION: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)


AUTHORITY: Government Code 54957

TITLE: City Manager


AUTHORITY: Government Code 54957.6(a)

CITY NEGOTIATORS: Mayor Smisek, Councilmember Monroe, City Attorney Morgan Foley

EMPLOYEE: City Manager

City Attorney Morgan Foley announced that direction was given to the City's negotiators on Item 14c and that the action on Items 14a and 14b were reflected by the action taken on Item 11f.

15. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 6:04 p.m.

Approved: August 7, 2007


Tom Smisek, Mayor

Attest: City of Coronado


Linda K. Hascup

City Clerk




CITY OF CORONADO City Hall Council Chambers Coronado, CA 92118

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Community Development Agency regular meeting was called to order at 4:40 p.m.


Present: Members Downey, Monroe, Ovrom, Tanaka, and Smisek

Absent: None

Also Present: Executive Director Mark Ochenduszko

Agency Attorney Morgan Foley

Agency Secretary Linda Hascup

2. MINUTES: The minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 19, 2007, copies having been delivered to each member of the Community Development Agency prior to the meeting, the reading in its entirety unanimously waived, were approved as submitted.



a. Executive Director: No report.

b. Agency Secretary: No report.

c. Agency Treasurer: Approval of Warrants - The Agency approved Warrants No. 90003431 through 90003478 as audited and approved by the Audit Committee, provided there are sufficient funds on hand.

d. Agency Attorney: No report.


6. ADJOURNMENT: The Agency adjourned at 4:41 p.m.

Approved: August 7, 2007


Tom Smisek, Chair



Linda K. Hascup, Agency Secretary