New Sidewalk Bike Racks Installed along Orange

Date of Record: 2014-06-17

Contact: Janine Zúñiga; (619) 522-7340



New Bike Racks on Orange


New Sidewalk Bike Racks Installed on Orange
Bike Racks Will Save Space, Encourage Biking


CORONADO, CA (June 4, 2014) – The City of Coronado has installed new bike parking racks along the sidewalks of Orange Avenue, from B Avenue/Loma Avenue to Ninth Street.

Two different rack styles were installed last week in a three-block test area that represent a mix of both fun and “fun”ctional bike parking styles – a bicycle-shaped rack and a bicycle parking “dock.”

The racks will provide cyclists with improved bike parking facilities to help minimize the need to lock bikes to trees, posts or benches, where they may block pedestrians. Both racks allow easy locking of the frame and wheel with a U-lock to help deter bicycle thefts.

The bike docks are designed for space efficiency on crowded sidewalks. They are one of a few rack styles that hold the front wheel to keep bikes from falling over while also allowing for the easy use of a safer, stronger U-Lock.

The docks also have a QR Code that links to the City's website and a “Smart Guard” to help prevent metal to metal contact from scratching bikes. Here are some simple steps for how to use the bicycle docks:

Bike Rack Instructions

The installation is part of a pilot project directed by the City Council to test the effectiveness of more on-sidewalk bicycle parking and various bike rack styles and to help reduce vehicle traffic and parking congestion by making it easier for people to ride their bikes. The additional bike parking racks will complement the City's bike corrals, which are seven special parking areas with racks just for bikes created from converted vehicle parking spaces, and the other existing on-sidewalk bike parking during the busy summer tourist season when Coronado is filled with bicycle riders. After summer, the City Council will evaluate the City's bicycle parking to determine what works best to relieve traffic congestion, increase support for local businesses, and improve traffic mobility and the health of our community. 

The City received input from a Sidewalk Bicycle Parking Stakeholder Committee to select the rack types and test area locations. The City is interested in your questions and feedback regarding the new bike racks; please contact Mariah VanZerr at 619-522-2423 or to provide your feedback.


Bike Rack Close-Up and QR Code

Close-up of Bike Rack with City logo and a QR code that links to the City's website.