Weekly Update - 3/7/2014

Date of Record: 2014-03-07


Each week, the City Manager's Office provides an update that includes information on programs, services and issues within the City, as well as news, project updates and follow-up information when applicable. It can be found on the City's website.

The next City Council meeting is set for 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 18, 2014, at City Hall, 1825 Strand Way. 














Storm DamageCoronado experienced significant high surf, tides and sustained winds last weekend that caused minor street flooding and knocked down trees and large tree limbs. Public Services crews were on call from Thursday, February 27, through the weekend on storm duty. Staff worked a total of 159 overtime hours during the storms at an approximate cost of $6,600. No one was injured and there was no significant damage to public or private property. However, there were roof leaks noted at the Animal Control Facility and the Golf Course Club House, a water leak in the underground parking garage of the Police Department facility and street flooding all over town. Residents picked up 200 sandbags from two locations – First Street and Alameda Boulevard and at Fourth Street and Alameda. Public Services used another 200 to prevent flooding at Fourth and J Avenue and at the Fourth and J alley. The beach berms and additional sand stockpiles were successful in stemming the high tides but did get eroded and will need to be built back up. On Saturday, March 1, the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health closed Coronado Beach and Silver Strand State Beach due to evidence of contamination from the Tijuana River. The beach was reopened Wednesday, March 6. The rain gauge at the Golf Course recorded two inches of rain. High winds resulted in a lot of tree debris, some branch breakage, and one small downed tree. The parking lot protection netting, adjacent to the ninth hole also was damaged by high winds. Clean-up of the debris is expected to be completed today.



Golf Course Storm 


Above and below: Storm damage to the Coronado Golf Course last weekend.


Golf Course Damage2




Palm Tree Down


A palm tree knocked down during last weekend's storm nearly misses a home on F Avenue.







Fines for Bicycle-related Offenses:  The City's Bicycle Advisory Committee is looking for a better way to obtain compliance for bicycle-related offenses rather than what can be seen as the sometimes excessive fines, penalty assessments and court costs associated with some infractions. The idea is to propose to the City Council at a future meeting the idea of establishing a schedule of fines for various infractions that would never exceed the maximum fine, penalty assessments and court costs now authorized by the California Vehicle Code. This change is permitted under the Vehicle Code. The City would have to adopt a resolution that would add a local fine schedule that is more proportional to the offense and that would help to achieve compliance. Some in town have asked about a diversion program that would allow for reduced fines or dismissal of citations if offenders attended a bicycle safety class. However, the City cannot offer a diversion program, per California Vehicle Code Section 42001(d).


Bike Sign









USS Coronado:  The City's third namesake ship, the USS Coronado, is set to arrive in San Diego on Monday, March 10. According to the Navy, the ship is set to arrive at Point Loma, the entrance to San Diego Bay, at 9:30 a.m. and be at the San Diego-Coronado Bridge at 10 a.m. It will be docked at Pier 5 at Naval Base San Diego until its commissioning. It will arrive in Coronado on March 28, ahead of its April 5 commissioning. The Coronado Cultural Arts Commission held a youth poster contest for Coronado children, from kindergarten through 12th grade, to commemorate and welcome the USS Coronado. Students were asked to create a poster that reflects the pride in our City and the US Navy and that welcomes the ship to Coronado. The winners will be honored at the March 18 Coronado City Council meeting.


USS Coronado









Special Events Permits:  Special events permits issued for beach and parks scheduled to be held from Saturday, March 8, through Friday, March 14. 








Centennial Park

March 8

Private Event

Central Beach

March 9


Centennial Park

March 14

Soldier Ride San Diego

Tidelands Park

March 14

Wounded Warrior Bike Ride

Tidelands Park via Glorietta; bike path; to Cays Park; return to Tidelands Park

March 14;

9 a.m. to noon























Golf Course Irrigation Controller ProjectThe City is moving forward with the Golf Course Irrigation Controller Project to improve the existing irrigation system with a new central controller, wireless satellite controllers and a weather station. Experts in golf course irrigation designed the project and prepared a set of construction documents that can be used to solicit proposals from contractors to complete the work. The City has issued a prequalification questionnaire to ensure that only qualified contractors with experience in this type of construction will submit bids. Responses are due on March 26.

Golf Course greens 

Coronado Golf Course greens.







Energy Conservation Material:  The City of Coronado is a member of the South Bay Energy Action Collaborative. One of the benefits of being a member of the collaborative is the public outreach program that provides information to residents on ways to conserve energy. One resource is books, such as “Solar Power Your Home” and “Green Restoration,” now available at the Coronado Public Library for check out. 

Library Conservation 

Conservation section sponsored by the South Bay Energy Action Collaboration at the Coronado Library.







Third and Fourth Streets Traffic Calming:  Four proposals from prospective consultants hoping to analyze the Third and Fourth Streets couplet and develop traffic calming and mobility-enhancing strategies for this major traffic corridor were received last week. A recommendation will be presented to the City Council at an upcoming meeting. The study is a followup action to the public workshop that was held in December. Additional community workshops are planned to solicit input and keep residents informed. Once a consultant has been selected and is under contract, the next public meeting will be scheduled.





















Youth Reading:  The Children's Library started a Rubber Ducky Reading Club on Monday, March 3. The goal is for children to read five books to earn one rubber ducky. The Rubber Ducky Reading Club will run through April 25. The Teens have their own Teens Book Club that meets monthly. They select a book each month and discuss it at their meeting. For March, the book was “Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs.

Rubber Ducky






New Books: The Library produces a monthly digest of new books that it has listed as a supplement to the Library website catalog. Among the books on the non-fiction list are these interesting titles:  “The Drunken Botanist” by Amy Stewart; “Things I've Learned by Dying” by David R. Dow; “The Parthenon Enigma” by Joan Breton Connelly; “Affluenza” by John de Graaf; “Operation Paperclip” by Anne Jacobsen; and “All Joy and No Fun” by Jennifer Senior. Here is a link to the Selected New Books for February.






Dr. Seuss:  On Friday, February 28, the Library hosted a birthday party for Dr. Seuss. The partygoers made “Cat in the Hat” hats, enjoyed refreshments and watched “The Lorax” and “In Search of Dr. Seuss.” The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 stopped by for a visit. The Octagon Club helped make sure participants had fun.

Dr Suess 

Above and below: Dr. Suess celebrations at the Coronado Library this week.

Dr Suess2







Library Crafts:  On Tuesday, March 4, the Kids Craft was held and Shamrock Flyers were made.  Next Tuesday, March 11, the Tweens will make St. Patrick's Day snakes.


Above and below: Shamrock Flyer craft this week at the Library.

Shamrock Craft 


















Electronic Sign TrailersCoronado Police have deployed two new electronic sign trailers to supplement two existing but older trailers used to give drivers important real-time information. The new trailers are currently being used to tell drivers how fast they are going and instruct them to slow down by flashing their excessive speed. If a driver is going faster than the posted speed limit, the words “SLOW DOWN” appear on the trailer. One has been placed south of Glorietta Bay Park and the other is on the westbound side of the San Diego-Coronado Bridge as it nears the toll plaza area. These locations reach the greatest number of drivers heading into Coronado, according to Traffic Sgt. Matt Mitchell. The trailers can help do statistical analysis of speeds, Mitchell said. The message can be changed. For example, if there is a traffic accident, the signs can warn drivers to take another route. The two trailers were purchased in January and were set up in early February. The trailers are easily moved and are solar-powered and last much longer than the older trailers. The City will continue to use the older trailers as needed.


Sign Trailer 


New electronic sign trailer set up along State Route 75.









Safety Stand-Down:  Traffic Division officers will be conducting a “safety stand-down” presentation for Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 8 at Naval Air Station North Island on Friday, March 7. The topic will focus on distractions while driving.


















Dog Park Workshop:  A Community Workshop on potential locations for a public dog park will be held Monday, March 10, at City Hall, 1825 Strand Way. Participants will hear a presentation on possible sites for a public dog park and may participate in a discussion. Click on the image below for a larger version.










Upcoming Meetings:  
  • Parks and Recreation Committee meets at 4 p.m. on Monday, March 10, at City Hall, 1825 Strand Way.
  • The Planning Commission meets at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, March 11, at City Hall.
  • The Design Review Commission will meet at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 12, at City Hall.
  • The Coronado Transportation Commission meets at 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 13 at City Hall.
  • The RSIP-3 Meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 13, at City Hall.
  • The Civil Service Commission meets at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 13, at City Hall.