City, Cross-country Bike Rider Ask for Help

Date of Record: 2013-11-07
Contact:  Janine Zuniga


City, Cross-country Bike Rider Ask for Help
Stolen Bike Has Sentimental Value        

CORONADO, Calif. (November 27, 2013) - Coronado is working to get the word out about a bicycle that was stolen from a vehicle here over the weekend near the end of a New York man's cross-country journey.

Coronado Police say there are no immediate leads in the case and are asking for the public's help in returning the bike to its owner, Greg Butterick of Long Island.

"We have gathered evidence, did witness checks and took a report but we've had no luck so far," said Officer Jordan Good, who has been working the case. "The thief probably didn't realize the sentimental value of the bike. We hope the thief has a heart and returns the bike."

Butterick took off from New York four months ago in an effort to complete a 34-year dream of riding across the United States. His wife has accompanied him on his journey in an RV. She has written about the adventure in a blog:

The Buttericks were in Coronado last week on a last-minute detour due to early snow in the upper passes of Colorado that made cycling unsafe. He plans to complete the original cross-country plan, which he began at the Empire State Building in New York, at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

"I have owned that bike for 25 years," Butterick wrote to the Coronado Police Department after reporting the bike stolen. "I have traveled far and literally crossed the country on it."

The bike was stolen from a Hotel del Coronado parking lot in the 1500 block of Orange Avenue sometime between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Sunday, November 24.

The bike is a 24-speed Miyata, dark pewter metallic in color, with a black rack in the front and rear. The serial number is PC21551.

Officer Good said he instructed Butterick to check online ads, as he does with all victims of stolen bikes. Butterick found an ad for a similar bike but it turned out not to be his bike. 

Butterick is continuing on with the trip tomorrow but with a slight change of plans.

"We were kind of hopeful that we could get the bike back but it hasn't happened yet," Butterick said by telephone. "I called my brother who lives in San Francisco and told him the story. He found me a bike so I can finish my journey. I'm headed there right now to pick it up. We're meeting half way."

Butterick plans to return to Coronado late tonight and restart the trip at the ferry terminal on Thanksgiving Day. He said it should take him about two weeks to ride to San Francisco.

The decision to stop in Coronado was easy to make, Butterick said, because his wife, Karen, lived in Coronado for a short time as a child and because they have visited before.
"I want to say that the police officers have been outstanding," Butterick said. "I didn't expect it. It was almost like having your own personal police officer. It was great. Hopefully, it will turn up."

Police officers encourage residents to register their bikes with the Coronado Police Department and to use U-locks when securing their bikes.

If you have a tip, please call the Coronado Police Department at (619) 522-7350. The public also can make anonymous tips to San Diego Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.