Bike Corrals Feedback Needed

Date of Record: 2013-08-22
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Contact:  Janine Zuniga; (619) 522-7340

Bike Corrals Installed; Feedback Needed

Bike corral at Orange Avenue and Tenth Street.

CORONADO, Calif. (May 30, 2013) Bicyclists can now find easy and secure parking after Coronado installed eight new bike corrals near its commercial district just in time for summer.

Coronado's bike corrals, special parking areas just for bicyclists, are created from converted vehicle parking spaces on side streets near Orange Avenue. Each corral has five closed-loop stands that allow up to 10 bicycles to park. White stripes and spring-mounted delineators will mark the corrals as off-limits to vehicles.

Survey Open

The City Council approved their installation as a trial run. We need your feedback. Please take a survey we have prepared after you have had a chance to use or experience the bike corrals. We want community input. The survey is open to anyone in the community, whether they use the corrals or not. The results will be presented in a staff report to the City Council at a future meeting.

The survey may be found using this link:

City officials are aware of a defect in one of the racks, the one on the northeast corner of Tenth Street and Orange Avenue and is working on a repair plan. 

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition called the Coronado City Council "forward-thinking" for approving the new bike parking spots in January. Bike corrals have been tested and used in cities across the country, including Portland, Ore., San Francisco and San Diego. The City's Bicycle Advisory Committee proposed the idea of bike corrals as a way to get people out of their vehicles during Coronado's busy summer season. By providing bike corrals near Orange, the City hopes they do some shopping as well. 

"Residents and visitors of Coronado frequently use their bikes to get from the beach to the bay and these new bike corrals are meant to facilitate their usage and movement around the busiest parts of our City," said Mayor Casey Tanaka. "The City Council and I are excited to see more and more people leaving their cars behind and bringing their bikes and their friends to our downtown."

Coronado hopes to promote both bicycle riding and the City's commercial district by placing the bike corrals near Orange Avenue but not on the state roadway, which is managed and maintained by the California Department of Transportation. Two bike corrals will be located on Orange Avenue at First and Second streets, however, that part of Orange Avenue is managed and maintained by the City.

The City will monitor the use of the bike corrals and report back to the City Council after the first 30 days, and again in six months. 

Bike Corrals Map

Here is a map of where the bike corrals will be installed. Click on the map to enlarge it.

Getting the Word Out

The City is getting the word out about the bike corrals with updates to its website (, its Facebook page (City of Coronado) and on Twitter (@CoronadoCity). A letter was mailed to those homes and businesses near the bike corrals, informing them what to expect.

A flyer has been posted to the City's website and were hand-delivered to adjacent homes and businesses, whose owners or occupants will be asked to post the flyers if possible. The flyers will have a QR Code, which when scanned by a smartphone will refer people to updated information on the City's website.

In addition to the survey, feedback also may be provided to Anthony Colarossi at (619) 522-2424 or via email at