Coronado PD: Be Aware of Recent Phone Scams

Date of Record: 2013-04-18


Contact: Janine Zuniga;(619) 522-7340

Lea Corbin;(619) 522-7350

Coronado Police: Be Aware of Recent Phone Scams

CORONADO, CA (April 18, 2013)- Coronado Police are warning residents about a "bank examiner" scam and other recent telephone scams that have made victims of several Coronado residents.

Today, six residents called Coronado Police after receiving calls from someone who asked them for personal and financial information. Some used the term "bank examiner." Several said they were conducting counterfeit investigations. Two stated they were calling about checks from the residents' accounts that someone was attempting to cash or that were missing.

In addition to the bank examiner scam, Coronado Police also received several reports of a "grandkids in jail" scam last week. Thieves have used a grandchild's name or get the name out of the victim. They then tell the victims that they need bail money and to not tell anyone. Officers were able to stop a wire transfer of $17,000 last week after an officer called the bank to stop it. One victim was not so lucky and lost $2,900 after using a money transfer company.

Coronado Police urge residents never to provide personal or financial information to someone on the telephone. The bank examiner scam is used by con artists, who try to control victims by frightening them into believing they are losing money. They then offer a solution to distracted victims, who aren't thinking clearly. The thieves speak quickly and trap their victims by promising to replace the money but not before they give up valuable personal information.

Coronado Police ask residents to call police to report any calls they have received or if they have been a victim of such a crime. Residents are urged to contact their parents and grandparents or elderly family or friends to warn them of the scams or to see if they have been victims.

AARP gives the following tips on the "grandkids in jail" scam:

· Verify the caller. Always confirm your grandchild's identity by saying you will return the call at his or her home or on his cellphone but don't ask the caller for it. If you don't have your grandchildren's phone numbers, contact a trusted family member for them.

· Be mum on account numbers. Never provide your bank or credit card account numbers to any caller, regardless of the reason.

· Be suspicious of requests for money wires.

· If your "grandchild" calls requesting money, contact your local police department or state attorney general's office.

To report a scam or being the victim of a scam, call the Coronado Police Department at (619) 522-7350.