Vehicle Thefts-Message from Coronado PD

Date of Record: 2013-04-02
A Message from the Police Department:

Lock Your Vehicles, Don't Be a Victim

The number of thefts from vehicles parked on the streets around the Coronado Community Center, Hotel del Coronado and along Ocean Boulevard has increased since Spring Break began.

The Coronado Police Department is reminding visitors and residents to never leave valuables in your vehicles, to lock your car doors and to roll up car windows when leaving your car parked on the street for any amount of time.

Recent thefts from vehicles parked on the street indicate that thieves may be watching people place valuables in the trunks of their vehicle after parking. Avoid leaving any valuables in your parked vehicles to reduce the chance of being a victim.

Report any suspicious persons loitering in areas where unattended vehicles are parked. Your tip could stop a theft.