Downtown Sidewalk Repair

Date of Record: 2011-10-26
The City of Coronado will begin repairing portions of sidewalk in the downtown area from the 900 to the 1100 block of Orange Avenue as part of the Downtown Sidewalk Repair project. Crews will repair those areas of sidewalk that have been damaged by invasive roots from nearby trees, and install root barriers to prevent future damage.  Although the project will be phased to limit the impacts to residents and businesses within the work area, parking along Orange Avenue will be affected during construction.  The contractor will provide the occupants of each adjacent property where work is set to begin with at least three days' notice of any construction or parking restrictions.  Additionally, the contractor, Tri-Group Construction and Development, has been directed to maintain a four-foot wide minimum portion of sidewalk for pedestrian travel as well as access to all businesses throughout the construction effort.  Any questions about the project or concerns about the work can be directed to the City's Engineering & Project Development Department at (619) 522-7383.
Construction Status:  Construction efforts to replace damaged sections of concrete sidewalk are underway. Repair work began near the northwest corner of Orange Avenue and Loma Avenue, and will progress north toward Ninth Street along the west side of Orange Avenue before heading back south along the east side of Orange Avenue. The contractor is only removing a limited amount of sidewalk at a time to reduce the impact on adjacent businesses and keep the sidewalk open to pedestrians throughout the construction effort.