Coronado PD Warns Residents About Recent ID/Silver Thefts

Date of Record: 2011-09-16
News Release
Contact: Diana Drummey, Sergeant
(619) 522- 7397

The Coronado Police Department is warning residents about a series of identification and silver flatware thefts in Coronado in hopes of preventing further incidents. While there is not yet an amount on the identification thefts, nearly $50,000 in silver has been reported stolen.
In both cases, one or more suspects has entered victims' homes. In the ID thefts and in four of five silver burglaries, there were no signs of forced entry. The public is advised to keep doors and windows closed and locked when not at home.
Residents also are urged to call the police if they see anything out of the ordinary in their neighborhoods or if they suspect someone has stolen their personal information. Residents should check their silver and report any missing items.
Since October, there have been as many as eight reported incidents involving stolen credit cards and bank account and other personal information, including email addresses, social security numbers and home phone numbers, that is used to open fraudulent accounts.
In some cases, new and inactivated credit credit cards are taken. The suspects are then contacting banks explaining they need a new PIN number and getting one. Some victims have been hit more than once.
Detectives also are investigating five cases of silverware thefts that began in April. Thefts range in value from $300 for 20 pieces of flatware to $28,000 for 150 pieces of silverware.
Police believe suspects are targeting silver in Coronado homes, and say it is imperative that residents lock their doors and windows day and night when they are not home because it is unknown when the thefts are occurring.

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