Coronado Shines in Citizen Satisfaction Survey

Date of Record: 2011-09-06

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Coronado Shines in Citizen Satisfaction Survey


Coronado, CA (September 6, 2011) - Coronado has some of the most satisfied residents in the country.

A new survey commissioned by the coastal city found that 98 percent of residents responding to a comprehensive questionnaire this summer rated the overall quality of life in Coronado as "excellent" or "good."

Those surveyed gave favorable ratings to almost all local government services. When compared to hundreds of other cities across the country, Coronado ranked No. 1 in ambulance/emergency services, animal control and youth activities; No. 2 in sewer services; No. 3 in fire services and services for seniors; and No. 4 in street cleaning.

Parks and recreation services also received high marks. Respondents ranked recreation programs and centers No. 1 while the City's parks ranked No. 2.

A variety of characteristics were evaluated in the 2011 Coronado Citizen Survey, including the town's overall image or reputation, appearance and cleanliness. Each of those areas received the most favorable ratings.

The National Citizen Survey, a joint effort between the National Research Center and the International City/County Management Association, helps cities conduct a statistically valid yet affordable citizen-satisfaction survey. Results for Coronado are measured against those cities that have participated in the survey within the past two years. Cities conduct such surveys as a means to measure performance.

Thomas Miller, president of the National Research Center, presented the findings of Coronado's survey at a City Council meeting Tuesday, September 6, 2011. He said he was impressed with the high marks residents gave the city overall.

"In Coronado, when you're not No. 1, you're No. 2, 3 or 4," Miller told council members.

According to the survey, Coronado residents reported feeling safe in their neighborhoods and in downtown, day and night. Overall community and personal public safety ranked high, including six of seven categories that ranked in the Top 10.

Residents revealed a strong trust in local government with a majority of respondents rating the overall direction being taken by the City of Coronado as "good" or "excellent."  On average, citizens gave the highest evaluations to their own local government and the lowest rating to the state government.

The City did not fare as well in the areas of traffic and public parking. Affordable quality child care also ranked below other cities. However, Coronado officials were pleased with the response, which measured how residents feel about city services and their local government.

"The City's favorable results from the National Citizen Survey are an extraordinary achievement given that cities that regularly participate in such surveys are well-managed, customer-focused communities," said City Manager Blair King.  "But there is still room for improvement in some areas and we also need to sustain high ratings in areas where we are already performing well."

Cities send out the National Citizen Survey to residents whose perspectives on local government services and quality of community life are evaluated. Questionnaires were mailed to 1,200 random Coronado households and 357 completed surveys were received. The response rate was 31 percent, a typical response rate for a citizen survey. The survey, which was completed this month, cost Coronado $18,000.

Of the 500 cities across the country that have participated over the years in the survey, about 70 are categorized as resort communities.

When compared strictly against resort communities -- including cities such as Sedona, Arizona, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and North Palm Beach, Florida -- Coronado ranked in the Top 5 in 77 of 110 measures, which included 46 No. 1 rankings.  Some of the areas in which Coronado ranked No. 1 included recreation programs, library services and value of services for taxes paid.

Nationally, Coronado ranked No. 1 the following categories:

  • No. 1 of 318 communities in overall quality of services
  • No. 1 of 262 communities in the quality of ambulance or emergency services
  • No. 1 of 280 communities in the quality of life in Coronado as a place to live
  • No. 1 of 222 in quality of services to youth

The 2011 Coronado Citizen Survey can be found on the Coronado website or via the following links:


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