Coronado Cays Street Work Underway

Date of Record: 2011-09-01

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                                                         Contact:  Dave Johnson, Project Manager (619) 522-2425

or American Asphalt South (909) 427-8276


Coronado Cays Street Work Underway


Coronado, CA (September 1, 2011) - Work is underway on this year's Street Preventative Maintenance project in the Coronado Cays.

            The project will include a "slurry seal" of all public streets in the Coronado Cays community except for Kingston Court, Aruba Bend and St. Christopher's Way, which will be resurfaced as part of a different project.  Slurry seal is a thin mixture of fine sand, water and emulsified asphalt that is applied to the existing asphalt to waterproof or seal the surface. 

            As is the case with all street construction projects, some inconvenience will be encountered during the construction period.  Access to each street will be limited during construction, but residents will be notified in advance of any access restrictions.  Streets will either be closed between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the day they are to be slurry sealed or sealed in phases to maintain limited access during construction. 

            Our project team is dedicated to minimizing this inconvenience.  Residents can do their part by observing all temporary traffic and parking restrictions as this will help us expedite the project and provide a safe work area.


Working hours:  Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except holidays).  The project will begin on September 1 with the following schedule:

         September 1 through September 6 -- Remove weeds from cracks in the roadway surface, remove existing striping, perform skin patch and seal cracks.

         September 7 through September 15 -- Slurry seal operations.

         Port Royale Road, St. Kitt's Way, Tobago Way and Bridgetown Bend will be completed in late September to avoid possible interference and/or damage by the reconstruction of Aruba Bend and St. Christopher's Way (under a separate contract).  Separate notifications will be sent in September.


"No Parking" signs will be placed 72 hours before the slurry seal operation begins on any street; the contractor will distribute door hanger notices to residents on the street to be closed; and notices will continue to be distributed each day until construction has been completed.