Facts: Recycling and Trash Collection in City Parks, Beaches

Date of Record: 2011-08-18
Coronado News and Notes

Facts about recycling and trash collection in City Parks and Beaches


Questions have been raised about recycling in Coronado's parks, and whether recyclables placed in recycling carts are truly recycled.


Public Services officials want residents and visitors to know that both trash and recycling carts and containers in Coronado's parks and beaches are screened for recyclable materials.  Generally, the material in recycling carts located in parks or on the beach is collected and goes to EDCO's Material Recovery Facility. 


In addition to that effort, trash containers at these locations also are collected and taken to one of two EDCO transfer stations, where the material is screened for recyclables that can be removed.


Further, all trash and construction debris that leaves Coronado's Public Services yards are screened for recyclables and diverted from the waste stream.  City employees collect all recycling containers in these areas and send everything directly to either EDCO's Material Recovery Facility or to a transfer station.


At times, it may appear that when we use our collection vehicle out of necessity to pick up both trash and recycling carts at the same time, all those materials are going to be thrown away. However, that is definitely not the case.


The City of Coronado prides itself in its handling of recyclable materials and its efforts to re-use what once simply was considered waste.  Coronado is committed to conserving resources, energy and space used in area landfills.

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