Reminder: Fraud, Waste, Abuse Hotline Designated

Date of Record: 2011-08-08

NEWS RELEASE                                               Contact:  Janine Z˙˝iga




Reminder: Fraud, Waste, Abuse Hotline Designated


Coronado, CA (August 8, 2011) - The City of Coronado would like to remind residents that it has a designated telephone line at City Hall set up to accept reports of fraud, waste, abuse and conflicts of interest.

Residents may call 619-522-2642 to leave an anonymous message or their contact information if they would like someone to follow up with them regarding a concern.

The city also has added a page on its website that lists various ways citizens can report fraud, waste and abuse, as well as a link to the City of Coronado's comprehensive code of ethics policy. This information is available at under the City Manager's Office section.

The City of Coronado strives to provide services to the public in an impartial and ethical manner and encourages anyone to contact the city if they feel an ethical violation has occurred. The line was set up in September 2010.

About Coronado:

The City of Coronado is a full-service city providing services such as public safety through the Police and Fire Departments; construction and maintenance through the Public Services and the Engineering and Project Development Departments; building and planning through the Community Development Department; and leisure activities through the Recreation Department, Library and public golf course.



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