Street Preventive Maintenance

Date of Record: 2011-07-26

The Street Preventive Maintenance project will improve the roadway surface and lifespan of roads through the application of a "slurry seal" that fills cracks and other minor imperfections.  This year the City will slurry seal all of the public roads within the Coronado Cays except Aruba Bend, St. Christopher's Lane, and Kingston Court, all of which will receive a different type of roadway improvement as part of a different project.  In addition, a slurry seal will be applied to the parking lots at the Jamaica Village Clubhouse, Cays Park, Cays Fire Station, and the Boat Launch Ramp located at 1917 Strand Way.  Parking along streets affected by the project, as well as access to private residences, will be temporarily impacted by construction operations with notifications being sent to residents ahead of the anticipated construction.  Bids are currently expected to be received on August 2, 2011.  Although a contractor has not yet been awarded the contract, City staff believes the project will most likely begin construction toward the end of September and be completed within six weeks.  (Click here for a location map.)