SR 75/282 City, Caltrans to Partner on Supplemental Study for Further Evaluation of Proposed Tunnel

Date of Record: 2005-05-20
City, Caltrans to Partner on Supplemental Study for Further Evaluation of Proposed Tunnel

Coronado, CA (May 20, 2005) - As part of the SR 75/282 Transportation Corridor Project to evaluate and environmentally clear proposed long-term traffic tunnel solutions for access to Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI) in Coronado, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the City have requested an additional series of subsurface explorations be conducted along Fifth Street, between Glorietta Boulevard and A Avenue.  The explorations will begin in early- to mid-June and continue for a period of 7 to 10 weeks.


"In order to minimize inconvenience for residents and those traveling to work, the City is planning to keep two-way traffic in the area open and conduct evaluations on weekends, when possible," said Gail Brydges, Project Manager of the SR 75/282 Transportation Corridor Project.  "Results from these tests will provide project engineers with the data necessary to develop a safe traffic tunnel solution that will improve the quality of life in Coronado and enhance commuter access to and from NASNI."


The subsurface exploration program will consist of up to three phases which will provide additional data on  elements related to the Coronado fault.  Phase 1 will consist of three borings that will test the composition of soil and determine whether there are favorable and safe conditions to proceed with exploratory trenching, which is Phase 2.  If the results from the trenching in Phase 2 are inconclusive, Phase 3, instrumental soundings will be considered.  The results of these tests will be combined with a similar study, conducted by the City during the summer of 2004, and used to determine proper design requirements and construction methods for the proposed traffic alternatives. 


Some work may involve the temporary restriction of parking and restricted turn movements on Fifth Street and Pomona Avenue.  Access from Fifth Street onto side streets and alleys while work is being performed may also be restricted, but access from Fourth and Sixth Streets will remain open and available for use. 


Most subsurface exploration will take place during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Trenching on Pomona Avenue will take place over a weekend.  All field work is expected to be completed prior to the 4th of July weekend.


The City is committed to developing a long-term traffic solution that will help restore and maintain the unique residential and business-friendly atmosphere in Coronado.  Through the proposed SR 75/282 Transportation Corridor Project, the City is evaluating six traffic congestion relief alternatives identified during the environmental review process.