SR 75/282 Congestion Relief & Corridor Enhancement Project (Bulbouts)

Date of Record: 2007-07-03

On July 3, 2007, the City Council directed staff to proceed with the final project design which will place raised curb bulb-outs with enhanced hardscape at the following intersections: Third Street at intersections with F Avenue and H Avenue; and Fourth Street at intersections with B Avenue, F Avenue and H Avenue. This alternative offers the most pedestrian protection by having a raised concrete curb between them and oncoming traffic. It also shortens the crossing distance a pedestrian must travel by extending the sidewalk into the parking lane.

On September 25, 2007, Engineering Department staff and consultants held a public meeting to introduce the proposed project to the community. There were approximately 20 members of the public in attendance and a poll was taken to determine the amount of support for the project. Approximately two-thirds of the audience was supportive of the project, with the other one-third being opposed. Based on comments received during the meeting, the design team will investigate the following areas:

Incorporate landscaping or other type of architectural features into the bulb-outs to break up the amount of concrete surface.

Revisit the intersection of Third Street and B Avenue to determine if modifications can be made to the intersection or bulb-out design to allow bulb-outs to be installed at this location.

Coordinate the installation of the bulb-out at Fourth Street and B Avenue with MTS to accommodate the bus stop.

Staff impressed upon the attendees that this project has been five years in the making and what originally began as 11 alternatives was reduced to five, resulting in the bulb-out project being presented at the public meeting. Staff stressed that the original project development team was composed of Caltrans, Navy and City staff and the current design team is made up of a professional engineers and experts in environmental, safety and constructability issues. It was also noted that because the project is within the Caltrans right-of-way, the design plans will require Caltrans approval. As a result, there are several checks and balances to ensure that these incremental improvements to drainage and traffic will provide a safe project that will enhance the community.

The project team members will thoroughly examine each of the concerns brought forward at the meeting to determine which are feasible and can be incorporated into the final design. Another public meeting may be scheduled to bring the revised design to the community.