Coronado Rotary Plaza Project Update

Date of Record: 2008-02-06


Project Fact Sheet


Project Need and Purpose


v      The purpose of the project, as stated in the Business Areas Development Plan (BADP), is to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety while providing a centrally located plaza for the Coronado community.   

v     The project would impose design changes to the intersections of Isabella Avenue, Park Place, and Orange Avenue in an effort to improve pedestrian safety by significantly reducing the widths of the crosswalks in the area.

v     The project is also meant to improve vehicular safety by effecting changes to the existing traffic circulation patterns to reduce traffic confusion.  The existing traffic patterns at the intersection of eastbound Isabella Avenue, southbound Park Place, and southbound Orange Avenue present the greatest concerns. 

v      A centrally located plaza, a key component of the village atmosphere the City has attempted to foster in prior downtown enhancement projects, could improve the overall ambiance of the area, provide a visual link to Ocean Boulevard, provide a space for formal and informal gatherings, and give strolling visitors and residents a "destination." 


Project Location


v     Coronado Rotary Park is located at the intersection of Isabella Avenue, Park Place and southbound Orange Avenue.  The Coronado Rotary Plaza project would increase the overall size of the existing park on all sides with significant expansion of the park westward toward the Isabella Avenue parking median and south toward Park Place Liquor and Tent City Restaurant.



Project Specifics and History


v      The Coronado Rotary Plaza project was originally an element of the 1993 Coronado Business Areas Development Plan.  The BADP represented the culmination of several years of study, analysis, and consensus building and presented a variety of concepts and projects intended to "ensure the long-term vitality of Coronado's business areas and enhance Coronado's unique physical structure and character."

v      In June 2007, a total of $1.5 million dollars was programmed into the 2007/2008 Capital Improvement Plan Budget for project design and construction.

v      On September 18, 2007, the Coronado City Council instructed staff to proceed with final design of the project, utilizing the traffic circulation concept and plaza design plan shown on Option 2, Revision 2. 

v      On February 5, 2008, the Coronado City Council instructed staff to hold a final Public Workshop with the intent of achieving consensus regarding the interior architectural design of the proposed project.



Project Schedule


v      The immediate next step in the project delivery process is to achieve consensus regarding the amenities and features that will be incorporated into the architectural design of the plaza's interior.  The City is hosting a Public Workshop on Thursday, May 1, 2008.  The meeting will be held in the Nautilus Room at the Community Center, 1845 Strand Way, between 6:00-8:00 PM.  The meeting will be chaired by Councilmember Casey Tanaka, and the design team, including representatives from the City and Harris & Associates, Inc., will be available to answer questions and receive comments.

v     The application process for a Caltrans right-of-way permit is underway.  All required permits will need to be in place prior to bidding the project.

v      The construction bidding process will take approximately one month, with the expectation that it will be completed in summer 2008.  The City Council will then be presented with a staff report requiring a decision on whether or not to award a contract to the low bidder for the proposed work.  The Council may opt to approve the award of the contract at the price listed, require re-bidding of the contract, or call for the abandonment of work on the project.  In order to avoid engaging in disruptive construction activities during the summer months when Coronado experiences its peak pedestrian and vehicular traffic, all efforts are being made to have the project's design, permitting and bidding processes completed in a timely manner to be ready to commence construction groundbreaking by September 2008 and achieve substantial completion by December 2008. 


Project Feedback and Reaction


v      The design team has significantly revised the preferred alternative conceptual plan in an attempt to address the various concerns with the original plan, including the loss of parking spaces.  The proposed design is the project team's latest attempt to balance the desire to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety, including the creation of a significant, attractive, and pleasant public space, while minimizing parking and traffic circulation-related impacts to the area's residential and business interests.  Additionally, concerns have been raised by the City Council regarding a lack of landscaping in the design of the plaza interior.  The design team has attempted to incorporate these comments into the proposed design of the interior architectural space.