How to Complete a Request for Investigation Form

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If you suspect there are violations of the City of Coronado Municipal Code in your neighborhood, please use the following Request for Investigation Form to inform the Code Enforcement Officer of the problem.

Request for Investigation

The Following Information Is Required When Filing A Complaint:


1. Identify the specific complaint or nuisance.

2. Please provide your name, address, and telephone number. (This information is essential and is kept confidential).

3. Provide the location of the problem, using the house number and street name. If address is unknown, provide the location of property, (as an example, "northwest corner of Fifth Street and F Avenue").

4. Describe the specific complaint or complaints (as an example, describe the vehicle with the license plate number, the location of weeds, the type of construction debris, etc.).

Complaints may be filed with the Code Enforcement Department as follows:

Complaints May be Filed With the Code Enforcement Officer by the Following Means:

1. Online: Print out the Request for Investigation form, fill out and mail or fax it to Coronado City Hall.

2. In person: Fill out a Request for Investigation Form at Coronado City Hall, at the Community Development Department.

3. By fax: Fax the Request for Investigation Form to Coronado City Hall at 619-522-2418 (fax).

4. By mail: Mail the Request for Investigation Form to:

City of Coronado
Department of Community Development
1825 Strand Way
Coronado, CA 92118