Banner Placement Requirements, Sixth Street and Seventh Street on the Orange Avenue Median and the Intersection of R.H. Dana/Adella Avenue and Orange Avenue

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The City Council for the City of Coronado allows temporary banners which comply with the Council's established criteria on the Orange Avenue median at Sixth Street and Seventh Street, and on the median at the intersection of R.H. Dana/Adella Avenue and Orange Avenue. The criteria are as follows:

Eligible Events and Activities Must Be:

  • Sponsored by a community-based organization, or for a City-approved major special event.
  • A non-profit special activity or event of community-wide interest which is open to the public either as participants and/or spectators.

Non-Eligible Events

  • Any advocating a political, religious, or discriminatory point-of-view.
  • Any regular meeting or activity announcements or classes/lessons/clinics.

Limitations on Placement

  • A banner can be displayed for a maximum of seven (7) days in any one month (or 30-day period); each banner display period, whether for seven days or less, is considered a separate instance of display.
  • Maximum of three banner placements can be scheduled per calendar year.
  • Only one banner per event or activity.

Banner Size/Type

  • Banner sign area is limited to a maximum of twenty (20) square feet, with a height limitation of four (4) feet.
  • Specific banner size choices are:
    • 3' x 6'
    • 4' x 5'
    • 2' x 10'
  • The banner must be constructed of some type of waterproof material such as vinyl, plastic, or canvas.
  • Grommets must be included at each corner to allow for installation.

Other Restrictions

  • Note that applicants may place a banner on the Sixth Street or Seventh Street medians, or on the median at the intersection of R.H. Dana/Adella Avenue and Orange Avenue; but not all locations simultaneously.
  • Banner requests will not be approved for the day of the Fourth of July, and banners related to Fourth of July week activities will have priority for the week prior to the Fourth of July.
  • The City reserves the Seventh Street banner location for a banner related to the Holiday Open House festivities in December. If the City does not utilize the banner location, it will be made available. The City will not place banners at the Sixth Street location during the Holiday Open House.
  • Banners may be subject to removal and/or cancellation (at no expense to the City) for maintenance or repair work or for public safety reasons.

Application Process

The applicant must submit a request in writing to the Director of Public Services. That request should include the event name, date, a description of the event, confirmation that the event is a non-profit one, and that the event meets the eligibility requirements listed above. Community wide interest is considered to be an activity which does not preclude any sector of the community from attending and which does encourage the attendance of all members of the community. For only the purpose of verifying that the special event meets the above criteria, the applicant must provide the wording proposed for the banner as part of the request.  The qualifying event/message must occupy more than two-thirds of the printed space on the banner.

Banners must be picked up within one week after the end of the display period. If they are not picked up, the City may recycle them for other uses.