Weekly Update - August 8, 2014

Date of Record: 2014-08-08


Each week, the City Manager's Office provides an update that includes information on programs, services and issues within the City, as well as news, project updates and follow-up information when applicable. It can be found on the City's website.

The next City Council meeting is set for 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014, at City Hall, 1825 Strand Way. 



Third and Fourth Street Traffic Calming Meeting:  A workshop Wednesday, August 6, was held to solicit input on various concepts developed to calm traffic and improve safety and mobility on the Third and Fourth Streets Corridor. It was well attended. Fehr and Peers, the City’s selected traffic engineering consultant, presented three alternative concepts: (1) emphasis on traffic signals; (2) emphasis on traffic calming tools such as raised crosswalks, speed tables and bulb-outs; and (3) emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle travel, featuring wider sidewalks and landscaping.  Approximately 200 people attended the meeting. At the end of the presentation, the audience participated in a “sticky dot” exercise where they could indicate what elements of the various alternatives they liked by placing a green sticky dot next the item. Red sticky dots were used to indicate what elements they did not like. Everyone in attendance also was provided a comment card for concerns and observations. The PowerPoint presentation that was shown at the meeting is posted on the City’s website, along with a survey that can be taken by the public to provide additional feedback.  Once all the feedback has been analyzed, the consultant will make a recommendation on a preferred alternative.


3rd-4th Workshop

Above and two below: Third and Fourth Streets Traffic Calming Workshop attracts 200.

3rd-4th Workshop2 


3rd-4th Workshop3 






Roundabout Opening:  The Pomona Roundabout opened on Friday, August 1, and it was business as usual for commuters who had to take detours around the construction site for about six weeks. Drivers will benefit from the traffic-calming project at the oddly shaped, three-way intersection. The roundabout is helping reduce vehicle speeds and improving bike and pedestrian mobility. The project also upgraded storm drains and infrastructure, and beautified the area. The City appreciates the community’s patience while the project was under construction. The contractor completed the major work on the project, enough to open the roundabout and to earn a financial incentive the City offered to complete the project early. The lanes in the roundabout include the City’s first shared-lane pavement markings, also known as “sharrows.” They are becoming more popular. Sharrows (pictured below) are bicycle symbols that guide bicyclists to the best place to ride and remind motorists they can expect to see bicyclists on the road and that they must share the lane.


Sharrow painted in the Pomona Roundabout.


Roundabout Opening

Above and below: The first vehicles and bicyclists to officially use the new Pomona Roundabout.


Roundabout Opening2






Sales Tax Revenue Increasing:  The City of Coronado’s sales tax revenue is increasing. Coronado receives 1 percent of California’s 7.25 percent sales tax base for items purchased in the City. The City contracts with a private firm, HdL to track, monitor and if needed appeal California Board of Equalization allocations of sales tax. According to HdL, Coronado’s allocation of sales tax revenues from January-March was 11.2 percent higher than the first quarter of 2013. The bulk of Coronado sales tax comes from restaurants and hotels, both of which enjoyed a very solid first quarter of the year. The increase does not take into account a reporting anomaly by the State, which wrongly failed to report revenue from a quick service restaurant. It will be corrected by the next reporting quarter. The budgeted revenue from sales tax and state allocation of sales tax in-lieu revenue for Fiscal Year 2014-15 is $2.9 million. 






Street Preventive Maintenance Project FY 13-14:  The City is preparing to begin its annual slurry sealing of certain streets in town. The City applies slurry seal to extend the life of its streets. Each street gets a slurry seal every seven years. Minor “digouts” are being made before work begins along those streets receiving the pavement work this year. Those streets are E, F and G avenues. The work is set to begin the week of August 11. Temporary road closures will be required along the affected streets, which include E Avenue, from First Street to Isabella Avenue; F Avenue, from First Street to Ocean Boulevard; G Avenue, from First Street to Tenth Street; and H Avenue, from First Street to Olive Avenue. A slurry seal is a type of seal coat composed of asphalt emulsion, fine aggregates, mineral filler, various additives, and water, all of which are mixed and applied from a truck. It is a cost-effective and proven way to extend the life of roads. Once applied, the slurry will fill small surface cracks, stop raveling and improve the skid resistance of the pavement. Click here or the map below for a larger image.

Slurry Map






Coronado Currents Newsletter:  The latest edition of Coronado Currents, the City's six-page, full-color newsletter, arrived in City mailboxes this week. The newsletter's cover story is about the recently completed Pomona Roundabout. There are also stories about the City’s important wastewater system; the nearly year-long preparation required for Coronado’s busy Fourth of July festivities; and Coronado celebrating Oz.  The Currents newsletter also updates many projects around town, including the Coronado Cays Entrance and the Free Summer Shuttle Bus service. The newsletter is available online or click on the image below to read Coronado Currents Vol. 36. You may also pick up a copy from most City facilities, including City Hall, the Library, the Community Center, and the Fire and Police departments.

Currents Vol. 36 






Oz Con’s Successful Conclusion:  Last night concluded Oz Con International 2014 in Coronado, and what an event it was. The Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, which produced the festival, worked for months to pull off a successful event that gathered the City’s entire arts community to celebrate Coronado’s unique and special connection to author L. Frank Baum. While in Coronado, Baum wrote four of his Wizard of Oz novels. The festival included a wide variety of events, including two sold-out screenings last night of the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz,” digitally remastered in 3D, at the Village Theatre. Coronado’s Recreation Department held Oz-themed summer camps for kids. Banners announcing the festival were hung up and down Orange Avenue and several local merchants decorated their storefronts or featured Oz-related items on their menus or in their inventory. Oz Con kicked off Friday, August 1, with an interesting lecture and successful opening of an Oz Exhibit at the Coronado Public Library, which will remain on display through the month. The Coronado Playhouse had a full house last weekend for its cabaret-style “Journey Through Oz!” featuring Oz songs over the years. The City's Cultural Arts Commission also hosted the “Celebrate Oz!” event, where more than 100 performers, including the Lambs Players Theater and the Coronado Big Band, sang, danced and played music with an Oz theme. Thirty local artists and authors set up booths in Spreckels Park and sold their work at the largest, and possibly wettest, “Art Under the Umbrellas” event. Congratulations to the Cultural Arts Commission for organizing the festival and to all its participants for all their hard work.

Oz Week 

Above and three below: Celebrate Oz! events at Spreckels Park on Aug. 2.

Oz Week2 


Oz Week3


Oz WEek4






Writers Workshop Set for Oct. 11:  The Coronado Cultural Arts Commission will present its first-ever, all-day Coronado Writers Workshop on October 11. The day will consist of 10 sessions, 15 presenters, a chance for 20 pages of your current manuscript to be read by a literary agent or experienced editor, lunch in a courtyard, and a wine reception following the close of the sessions. The keynote speaker for the inaugural Writers Workshop will be Don Lamm, a 45-year veteran of publishing and currently a literary agent. The day will include panel discussions and break-out session options, where industry leaders will share their experience and expertise including: taking your writing to the next level; fine-tuning your skills with new ideas; finding an agent, editor, publisher or self-publishing format; and publicizing, marketing and social media, offline and online. For more information about the Writers Workshop, visit www.CoronadoArts.com.

Writers Workshop 






Port of San Diego's Integrated Planning Vision Update:  At its meeting August 12, the San Diego Unified Port District Board of Commissioners will consider whether to accept the 50-Year Integrated Planning Vision, which help guide future land and water uses and lead to a comprehensive Port Master Plan Update. The Board will be asked to accept the Integrated Planning Vision, which includes the Phase I Vision Statement, Guiding Principles and Assessment Report. The agenda sheet package will be posted on August 5, 2014.  Questions and inquiries should be directed to planning@portofsandiego.org.

Port of All 





Special Events Permits:  The following are permits issued for beach and parks events scheduled to be held from Saturday, August 9, through Friday, August 15.




Wedding Ceremony

South Beach

August 9

Wedding Ceremony

Centennial Park

August 9

Youth Party

Glorietta Bay Park

August 9

Youth Beach Day

South Beach

August 9

Wedding Ceremony

Glorietta Bay Promenade

August 9


Central Beach

August 10

Wedding Ceremony

Bayview Park

August 10

Wedding Ceremony

Centennial Park

August 10

Volleyball Tournament

Central Beach

August 10

Wedding Ceremony

Glorietta Bay Promenade

August 10

Surfing Trip

South Beach

August 12

Surfing Trip

South Beach

August 14

Beach Day

Central Beach

August 14

Wedding Ceremony

Glorietta Bay Promenade

August 15






Tidelands Park, Port of San Diego-Approved Commercial Activity:  The following groups have been approved, by the Port of San Diego, to use Tidelands Park for commercial activity:



Windstar Adventures

SUP Boarding (Once a Week)

Family Kayak

Kayak rides (Ongoing on Weekends)

















Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach:  The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Airport Land Use Commission has released the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan for the Navel Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach. The southern end of the Coronado Cays is within the Airport influence Area. Although the deadline noted on the document is August 1, the Airport has extended the date for the City of Coronado to submit comments on the plan, which is available for public review on the Airport Authority’s website.

NOLF Plan 





















Ridership on New Ferry Route:  The City of Coronado added a new trip to the Free Commuter Ferry in July, increasing the total number of morning trips from four trips to five. The new trip leaves the Broadway Pier at 5:55 a.m. and the Coronado Ferry Landing at 6:15 a.m. and is designed to align with the trolley schedule and meet the needs of early morning commuters. In its first month of operation, the new trip attracted more than 180 riders, and total ridership for July 2014 was higher than it was for July 2013. The Coronado Commuter Ferry is a fare-free service provided by the City of Coronado to help reduce the number of cars on the road and the associated impacts on congestion and the environment. The complete Free Commuter Ferry Schedule is available on the Flagship website.

Ferry sked 






ADA Compliant Pedestrian Ramps along E, F, and H Avenues:  The contractor completed a project this week to reconstruct more than 80 pedestrian ramps in the Village portion of the City to required national standards. The City thanks residents in the blocks surrounding the ramp construction sites, who were patient during the work.

















Summer Reading Program:  A puppet show featuring characters from “The Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum was presented in the Winn Room on Wednesday, August 6. This was the final program for the Children’s Summer Reading Program. Four hundred and fifty-two children participated this year, with more than 5,000 books read.





Harry Potter Day:  The Library’s Winn Room was transformed into Hogsmeade Village last week for Harry Potter Day, a summer event put on by the Children’s Library.

Harry Potter 

Above and three below: participants enjoying Harry Potter Day activities.

Harry Potter2 


Harry Potter3 


Harry Potter4 







Wizard of Oz Walking Tours As part of Oz Con International, the daily Coronado Historical Association walking tours have begun. The tour begins at the Coronado Library, where the Library Director gives a guided tour of the Wizard of Oz Children’s Library entry portal and the special exhibition of “The Wizard of Oz” book memorabilia and original art. The exhibit items are on loan from the David Maxine and Eric Shanower collections.


















Police Explorers Graduate Basic Academy Three of the Police Department’s Explorers graduated from the 40th Annual San Diego County Regional Police Explorer Academy on Saturday, August 2. They participated in a rigorous eight-day training regimen that included classroom instruction, physical training and drill instruction. The course is similar to a boot camp environment with officers and deputies serving as drill instructors. Police Department advisors also participated in the academy, helping to train, mentor and encourage future police officers. The academy attendees came from as far as Lakewood, Washington.      


Left to right: Officer Sherri Mannello, Officer Ryan Rose, Explorer Emma Adkins, Sgt. Kevin Shank, Explorer Pedro Gonzales, Comdr. Mike Lawton, Explorer Ivan Gonzales and Chief Jon Froomin.







Bike Theft Guilty Plea:  The Coronado Police Department’s most recent remotely monitored bike arrest has resulted in a guilty plea to a felony theft. The City is appreciative to the District Attorney’s Office for recognizing that bike thefts are an important issue to Coronado residents and for filing the case as a felony. Sentencing to follow. 







PD Makes Theft Arrest:  Coronado Police Detectives served a local search warrant on Tuesday, August 5, related to a theft using a fraudulent PayPal account. Coronado Police Detectives arrested a Coronado resident and were able to recover numerous items of property purchased with stolen funds. Items seized by Coronado Police Detectives included furniture, televisions and gaming consoles. The value of the seized property is estimated to be worth approximately $4,000.

PD Arrest 

Left to right: Detectives Angel Cedeno, Jackie Hurtado, Jason Hurley and Anthony Flores on the scene of the arrest.



















Kelp Cleanup Public Services received calls last week about the smell of rotting kelp on the beach from the jetty near the Hotel del Coronado to the south end by the Naval Amphibious Base. Beach crews worked quickly to bury the kelp, and the area was soon back to normal.

Kelp Cleanup 

Above and two below: Kelp on the beach, then after it is cleaned up and buried by Public Services Beach crews.


Kelp Cleanup2 


Kelp Cleanup3







Streets Division Updates Streets crews are working on a number of projects around the City. These are the most recent projects:


  • Streets crew removed 200 square feet of lifted sidewalk caused by tree roots at 601 Cabrillo Ave.

601 Cabrillo 

Above and two below: Work on sidewalks at 601 Cabrillo Ave.


601 Cabrillo2 


601 Cabrillo3   


















Highlights from this Week’s Camps:


  • Weird Science Camp:  This week in Weird Science, campers experimented with common ingredients to see how they interact with each other. Campers found that Mentos mints and Diet Coke create a geyser-type reaction and ivory soap in the microwave is not only fun to watch, but has two distinct properties after it cools. Children also got to observe the progression of mold forming on bread throughout the week.

Weird Science 

Children having fun at Weird Science Camp.


  • Creation Station:  At Coronado Cays Park, children, ages 4-6, enjoyed the great outdoors while making some one-of-a kind masterpieces at Creation Station. A highlight of the week was rolling painted balls down a slide covered in butcher paper to make an abstract mural. They also covered their feet in bubble wrap to pop and stomp colorful pieces. Today, parents were able to attend an outdoor gallery showing of their camper’s unconventional art work.

Creation Camp 

Art work fun at Creation Station.


  • Culinary Camp: At Culinary Camp, campers, ages 7-11, cooked appetizers and a main course every day that included baked chimichangas, miniature chicken pot pies, corn and bean salad, zucchini pasta with avocado pesto and miniature French toast muffins. Today, campers got to focus all of their attention on baking desserts, which makes this day an all-around favorite.

Culinary Camp 

Above and below: Culinary Camp preparations.


Culinary Camp







Next Week’s Camps:

Summer Camps 















Upcoming Meetings: 
  • The Parks and Recreation Commission meeting will be held at 4 p.m on Monday, August 11, at City Hall, 1825 Strand Way.
  • The Planning Commission meeting regularly held on the second Tuesday of the month has been canceled for Tuesday, August 12.
  • The Library Board of Trustees meets at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, August 12, at the Library, 640 Orange Ave.
  • The Design Review Commission meeting will be held at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, August 13, at City Hall.
  • The Coronado Transportation Commission will meet at 3 p.m. on Thursday, August 14, at City Hall.
  • The RSIP-3 group will meet at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 14, at City Hall.
  • The Civil Service Commission meeting normally set for August 14 has been canceled.