Weekly Update - July 18, 2014

Date of Record: 2014-07-18


Each week, the City Manager's Office provides an update that includes information on programs, services and issues within the City, as well as news, project updates and follow-up information when applicable. It can be found on the City's website.

The next City Council meeting is set for 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014, at City Hall, 1825 Strand Way.

Wastewater Rates:  New wastewater rates, approved this week by the City Council, will go into effect September 1. Wastewater rates have not been raised since 1994. The increase will be a five-year phased plan that will be less impactful to rate payers. The rate increase will generate additional revenue needed to fund operations and maintenance costs as well as future capital projects and appropriate reserves. The City’s wastewater collection and treatment is maintained through a self-supporting utility enterprise fund, operated in much the same way as a private business enterprise. Although the City has reserves in its Wastewater Enterprise Fund, the net financial position of the enterprise has declined in the last three years as costs of operations and maintenance as well as capital costs and depreciation have exceeded revenues. The new fees follow a sewer user rate study that recommended rate adjustments to address the current revenue deficiencies. Click on the image below for a larger chart.

 Wastewater Rates





Financial Reporting Award:  The City of Coronado’s Administrative Services Department has been awarded a “Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting” for its comprehensive annual financial report. The honor, by the Government Officers Association of the United States and Canada, is the highest form of recognition in the area of government accounting and financial reporting. The Association said “its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management.” The award-winning comprehensive annual financial report met the high standards of the program, including a “spirit of full disclosure” to clearly communicate the City’s financial story and motivate people to read the report. The City acknowledges the work of Administrative Services Director Leslie Suelter and her department. Details of the certificate program and recent recipients can be found under Awards Program at www.gfoa.org.

CAFR Award 

CAFR Award for Achievement in Excellent in Financial Reporting.





Save the Date for Third/Fourth Streets Workshop:  Mark your calendars for a public workshop Wednesday, August 6, to discuss traffic-calming measures for Third and Fourth streets. City officials will present draft traffic-calming concepts developed by traffic consultant Fehr & Peers. Three concepts will be presented, including a scenario focused on installing traffic signals to improve traffic progression and accessibility across Third and Fourth Streets; a scenario using roadway elements that can serve to slow traffic while improving access across the corridor; and a scenario that encourages non-motorized modes of travel while providing elements to regulate vehicle speeds and enhance corridor mobility. The public is encouraged to attend and provide feedback. Click on the image below for larger version.

3rd and 4th Workshop Notice 






Tidelands Park, Port of San Diego-Approved Commercial Activity:  The following groups have been approved, by the Port of San Diego, to use Tidelands Park for commercial activity:



Windstar Adventures

SUP Boarding (Once a Week)

Family Kayak

Kayak rides (Ongoing on Weekends)







Special Events Permits:  The following are permits issued for beach and parks events scheduled to be held from Saturday, July 19 through Friday, July 25. 




Wedding Ceremony

Centennial Park

July 19

Training Event

Glorietta Bay Park

July 19

Wedding Ceremony

North Beach

July 19

Wedding Ceremony

South Beach

July 19


Spreckels Park

July 19

Birthday Party

Mathewson Park

July 20

Beach Outing

Central Beach

July 23 & July 25

Wedding Ceremony

Central Beach

July 23

Relay For Life

Glorietta Bay Park

July 26

Wedding Ceremony

Centennial Park

July 25

















Design Review Commission:  On Wednesday, July 9, the Design Review Commission approved a request to remove the front concrete entry canopy at the Coronado Shores on La Princesa Tower, 1750 Avenida del Mundo, due to potential structural failure and safety. The Commission also approved a request for a new sign insert for the center of the existing monument sign for the Bluewater Boathouse Restaurant at 1701 Strand Way, along with a request from the Cultural Arts Commission for the final exterior design for the proposed City-owned portable restroom to be initially located at the ocean-end of Avenida del Sol.





RSIP-3 Residential Zoning Standards: A total of 344 respondents completed the online public survey. A summary of the survey results can be viewed at www.coronado.ca.us/rsip.

RSIP question 

Response to question on recent RSIP survey.




















Roundabout:  This week, construction efforts continued to focus on storm drain improvements, curbs and gutters, and landscaping.  Installation of rapid flashing beacons at each crosswalk also got underway this week. The intersection remains closed to through traffic with drivers being detoured around the construction zone. Please remember that Coronado Police Traffic Officers are enforcing existing traffic signs for turning and speed. Please follow the detours and obey all traffic signs in and around the construction area.For more information on the project, this PSA explains the construction of the permanent roundabout on Pomona Avenue. For any other questions, call the City's Principal Engineer Jim Newton at (619) 522-7313 or send an email to jnewton@coronado.ca.us.


Roundabout construction.







ADA Compliant Pedestrian Ramps along E, F, and H Avenues:  The contractor has returned to the project sites to continue removing non-compliant ramps and replacing them with ADA compliant ramps along E, F and H avenues. The contractor will continue work on F Avenue from Tolita Avenue to Eighth Street, and on H Avenue from Tenth Street to Eighth Street. In the coming weeks, the contractor will shift to the other side of the Village, and continue work along E, F, and H avenues from Fifth to First streets.

ADA Ramps 

Construction of ADA compliant ramps.
















Youth Programs:  A candle craft was held on Tuesday, July 15, and the annual “Kids’ Jeopardy Tournament” was held on Thursday, July 17. The Teen program featured a showing of the movie “Dr. Doolittle.”

Candle Craft 

 Above and below: Kids Candle Craft at the Library.

Candle craft2 







Library BoardThe Library Board of Trustees met Tuesday afternoon, July 15. The Board reviewed the draft Emergency Plan for the Library, which included several sections dealing with emergencies such as evacuations, disasters, medical crises, armed intruders and damages to the collection. The Board also reviewed the “State of the Library Report” among other business.






Friends of the Library:  The Board of the Friends of the Library met Monday evening, July 14.  The Board reviewed their financial report and annual support for the Library. The Friends will be participating in the Oz Con Opening Reception that will be held at the Library on Friday, August 1. The Friends will be operating wine service as a fundraiser.






Summer Festival:  At 7 p.m. tonight, the Library will be hosting “Anna’s Way: From Inspiration to Artistry” in the Winn Room. This spoken word story set to music is about a teenager’s search for artistic expression.

Summer Festival 





Adult Summer Reading Program:  The Summer Reading Program for adults began on July 7.  The program lasts for six weeks and participants write brief reviews of the books they read and enjoyed for other potential readers to see. Second Hand Prose gift certificates are awarded weekly as raffle prizes.


















Motorcycle/Vehicle Accident:  On Monday, July 14, at 10:10 p.m., Coronado Police responded to a motorcycle versus vehicle collision on State Route 75 at Coronado Cays Boulevard. The vehicle was traveling eastbound on Coronado Cays Boulevard when it was struck by a motorcycle that was traveling northbound on the State highway. The motorcyclist was transported to a San Diego area hospital with serious injuries. The driver and passenger in the vehicle suffered minor injuries. The motorcyclist was arrested for felony DUI. The No. 2 lane of northbound SR-75 was closed for several hours due to the investigation and clearing of the collision scene.





Bicycle Theft PreventionBeginning last Sunday, July 13, the Coronado Police Department will have an information area at the Coronado Promenade Concerts in Spreckels Park to share information on bicycle theft prevention. The table will be located by the concert organizers’ table on the C Avenue side of the Park. Please stop by and pick-up information on preventing bicycle thefts and sign up for a chance to win a U-Lock, generously donated by Kryptonite Locks. One U-Lock will be raffled off at each of the remaining concerts.



















New Household Hazardous Waste Site:  The City of Coronado’s Household Hazardous Waste drop-off site has moved to the Public Services Facility, 101 B Ave., from the Fire Department. Household products contain toxic chemicals and become hazardous waste when disposing of them. Never throw hazardous products in the trash, as the toxic chemicals may harm the environment and sanitation workers, and start fires in trash trucks. Never pour hazardous products into a sink or storm drain; it is dangerous and they will end up in the environment polluting the air, water and soil. The City of Coronado’s Household Hazardous Waste program is available so City residents can safely dispose of their toxic, hazardous waste. Other than the location change, the program remains the same with operating hours from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday, holiday weekends excepted. This is a residents-only program. See Public Services map below.

Household Hazardous Waste Map 

Map of Public Services Facility and directions for Household Hazardous Waste drop-off.






Streets Division Updates:  Streets crews have been working on a number of projects around the City. These are the most recent projects:

  • Tripping Hazards:  Streets Division is tackling 390 street and roadway tripping hazards throughout Coronado with the assistance of a contractor. City staff will be back out again conducting inspections for more tripping hazards throughout Coronado later this year to continue keeping up with raised sidewalks due to trees.
  • G Avenue Sidewalk Work: Streets crew removed 1 ½ yards of concrete sidewalk at 315 G Avenue, which was heavily lifted due to tree roots.
  • Sixth/Alameda Sidewalk Work: Streets crew removed 2 yards of concrete sidewalk that was lifted by tree roots at the southeast corner of Sixth Street and Alameda Boulevard.
  • I Avenue Sidewalk Work: Crews removed 1 ½ yards of lifted sidewalk at 917 I Avenue due to heavy roots. Repairs were made.

Sidewalk Grinding 

Streets Division overlooking contractor’s work to grind trip hazards around City.


315 G before 

Above and two below: Concrete sidewalk repairs at 315 G Avenue.

315 G during 

315 G after 



Sixth Alameda   

Above and below: Sidewalk repairs at Sixth Street and Alameda Boulevard.

Sixth Alameda after 



917 I 

Above and below: Sidewalk work at 917 I Avenue.

917 I(2) 






Repairs to the Community Center Gymnasium Floor:  Public Services is currently obtaining bids to repair water damage to the Community Center gymnasium floor and basketball court. Over the years, water from storms and irrigation has seeped under the threshold for the emergency exit doors along the west side of the facility. The water found its way under the wood flooring system and caused the floor to buckle.The flooring repair will require the removal and replacement of at least 300 square feet of the wood flooring system. Public Services will work to minimize the impact on the Recreation Department’s operations and the community’s use of the facility. 

Gym Flooring 

Damaged wood flooring in the northwest corner of the Community Center gym.






Drought Conditions:  On Tuesday, July 15, the State Water Resources Control Board approved an emergency regulation to ensure water agencies, their customers and state residents increase water conservation in urban settings or face possible fines or other enforcement. With this regulation, all Californians will be expected to stop: washing down driveways and sidewalks; watering of outdoor landscapes that cause excess runoff; using a hose to wash a motor vehicle, unless the hose is fitted with a shut-off nozzle, and using potable water in a fountain or decorative water feature, unless the water is recirculated. The City of Coronado’s fountains recirculate water and therefore can continue to be used. Although they are subject to evaporation and occasional cleaning, water consumption is minimal. City crews have been instructed to be acutely observant of sprinkler operations when performing normal duties and to report any irrigation or watering issues. The City encourages residents and businesses to reduce outdoor urban water use.

Adella Fountain 

City fountain at Adella Avenue near Orange Avenue.




















Parks and Recreation Commission:  Parks and Recreation Commissioners conducted a review of the signage in Coronado’s parks at their meeting on Monday, July 14. The Commission concluded that the park signage should coincide with relevant Municipal Code regulations and list information regarding permits. Along with providing the necessary regulations and permit information, the Commission wants the signs to be informative, welcoming and friendly, and have a uniform format and appearance. The Commissioners and the Director of Recreation Linda Rahn will be looking at draft signs for each park at the September Parks and Recreation Commission meeting. 






Family Night at the Pool:  The Aquatics Division is hosting a second summer Family Night on Saturday July 19, from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. The cost is $3 per person. This family-friendly event is a great way to relax and cool off on a beautiful summer evening. There will be music, games and inflatables for the kids. There will also be basic diving instruction, Splashball instruction, stand-up paddleboard instruction and family water aerobics. Be sure not to miss the fun.

FAmily Fun NIght 

Family night at the pool.






Highlights from This Week’s Summer Camps:


  • Junior Musical Theatre Camp:  At Junior Musical Theatre Camp, children ages 5-7, sang and danced the week away in the Club Room. They learned new vocal techniques by doing warm-ups and practicing scales. They were also taught choreographed dance routines and played theatrical games like “Wax Museum.” All of the activities helped to prepare the campers for a musical revue performance at the end of the week for friends and family to enjoy.
  • Sports Camp:  At Sports Camp, a group of campers, ages 8-14, started each day at the Coronado Golf Course to tee-off and learn from the pros. After golfing, they walked over to the Tennis Center for tennis drills and head-to-head matches. At the end of each day, campers made their final journey to the beach where they enjoyed swimming and boogie boarding in the cool waters at Central Beach. All of those activities totaled 1.3 miles of walking each day. In addition to the sports activities, campers also enjoyed touring the different City facilities throughout the week.
  • Tea for Threes (and Fours and Fives):  Sixteen Camper Princesses graced the Community Center’s Sand Dollar Room in this week’s Tea For Threes (and Fours and Fives) Camp. Each day, the campers dressed in their best princess attire, including tiaras, while they read stories about their favorite princesses, created seashell crowns, practiced their princess wave, baked “pinkalicious” cupcakes and added some glitz and royal style to each activity. Each Princess learned that being kindhearted, sweet and friendly is what makes a true princess.
  • Bon Appetite:  This week’s Bon Appetite class was all about cooking. Children, ages 6-11 enjoyed mixing, cutting and tasting a variety of culinary treats in the Abalone Room. They made mini Mexican pizzas, peach cupcakes and Italian herb meatballs from scratch. Campers enjoyed getting messy and working together to create the delicious dishes.
  • Slimy, Squishy Sticky Class:  This week, campers ages 3-5, got to get downright messy at camp. Projects included making space mud, exploring with paint, paste, clay and dough in new ways, along with lots of other gooey fun activities.
  • Survivor Camp:  At Cays Park, children ages 7-12 got into five teams to compete in an array of challenges. The challenges included obstacle courses, mental challenges and bug eating contests. Brave and adventurous campers had a limited amount of time to eat baked meal worms that came seasoned in a variety of flavors. Fortunately, no one gets voted off this island; challenges are all about teamwork and having fun.


Princess Camp   

Above and below: Princesses at play in the Tea for Threes Camp.

Princess Camp2 



Slimy Camp 

Making space mud in Slimy, Sticky Squishy Class in the Community Center.



Survivor Camp

Survivor Camp at the Cays.



All About Me Camp          

Making “All About Me Posters” at Survivor Camp.






Summer Camps for July 19-25:

Summer Camps List 
















Upcoming Meetings: 
  • The Planning Commission meets at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, July 22, at City Hall.
  • The Design Review Commission meets at 3 p.m., on Wednesday, July 23, at City Hall.
  • The Golf Course Advisory Committee meets at 3 p.m. on Thursday, July 24, at the Golf Course, 2000 Visalia Road.
  • RSIP-s Committee meets at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 24, at City Hall.