City Council Actions - November 5, 2013 Meeting

Date of Record: 2013-11-12

City Council Actions 11/5/2013 Meeting



a.       Approval of Reading by Title and Waiver of Reading In Full of Ordinances on this Agenda.  Approved


*b.       Review and Approve that the Warrants, as Certified by the City/Agency Treasurer, are all Correct, Just, and Conform to the Approved Budget for FY 2013-2014.  Approved


c.       Annual Review of the 2014 Local Appointments List Regarding Upcoming Vacancies on Local Boards, Commissions, and Committees.  The Council reviewed the 2014 Local Appointments List and authorized the City Clerk to post said list at City Hall and the Library in compliance with Government Code sections 54970-54974 (the Maddy Act).


d.        Report to City Council Regarding the Completion of Staggering the Terms of Commission and Committee Members Appointed to the Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Cultural Arts Commission, and the Transportation Commission.  The Council accepted the report.


e.         Authorization to Advertise the Replacement of the Carpet and Partitions Fabric in the Nautilus Room and the Carpet in the Corridor at the Community Center for Bid.  The Council authorized staff to advertise the replacement of the carpet and partitions fabric in the Nautilus Room and the carpet in the corridor at the Community Center for bid.


f.        Acceptance of the Street, Curb, and Gutter FY 11/12 Project and Direction to the City Clerk to File a Notice of Completion.  The Council accepted the Street, Curb, and Gutter FY 11/12 project and directed the City Clerk to file a Notice of Completion.


g.         Approval of Request from the Coronado Chamber of Commerce to Allow for Free Two-Hour Parking in all Commercial Zones from Monday, December 9, 2013, through Friday, December 27, 2013.  Approved


h.         Approve Request from the Coronado Library Board of Trustees to Waive the Ordinance Prohibiting Alcohol on Public Property to Allow Service of Wine and Beer at the Annual Holiday Party on Friday Evening, December 13, 2013, and Grant Standing Approval to Waive the Ordinance for this Annual Event and One Other City-Sponsored Event in the Winn Room per Year.  Approved



i.          Adoption of a Resolution to Designate a Red No Parking Curb Zone in Front of the Residence at 920 Third Street.  The Council adopted "A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Coronado to Designate a Red No Parking Curb Zone on Third Street at the D/E Alley (Southeast Corner)."  It is further recommended that a red curb stand-off policy be developed for street and alley intersections.


j.          Authorization for the City Manager to Execute a Golf Professional Services Agreement with Ronald M. Yarbrough Doing Business as Ron Yarbrough Pro Shop, Inc.  The Council authorized the City Manager to execute the Golf Services Professional Services Agreement with Ronald M. Yarbrough DBA Ron Yarbrough Pro Shop, Inc.


k.         Confirm Acceptance of the Next Generation 800MHz Regional Communications System (RCS) and Authorize the City Manager to Represent the City's Position in the Implementation of the Next Generation RCS System.  The Council concurred with acceptance of the Next Generation Regional Communication System (RCS) draft agreement and authorized the City Manager to represent the City's position in the implementation of the Next Generation RCS system.


11.       CITY COUNCIL:


b.         Request for the City Council to Select its Preferred Option for Dock C and Free Public Dock for CEQA Processing and Permit Approval.  The Council approved Option 2A without consideration of a public dock and directed staff to proceed with CEQA processing and permit approval.


c.         Report on the Progress of the Senior/Adult Center Project and Recommended Facility Management Model.  The Council received the report and took under advisement the recommended City/Nonprofit Partnership model.


d.         Status of the Golf Course Enterprise Fund.  The Council received the report and directed staff to develop a comprehensive rate structure necessary to meet the obligations of the Golf Enterprise Fund.  The Council asked the Director of Golf Course Operations to present his report to the Men's and Women's Clubs.


e.         Direction to Staff on the Design of the Toll Plaza Improvements Project.  The Council appointed Councilmembers Woiwode and Bailey as a subcommittee to work with members of the Transportation, Design Review, Planning, Historic Resource, and Cultural Arts commissions, and the Bicycle Advisory and Street Tree committees to come back to the City Council with a plan to proceed.



f.          Approval of Process, Schedule, and Position Specifications for Recruitment and Selection of Appointee to the San Diego Port Commission.  Approved


g.         Review of Audit Committee Membership and Assignments.  The Council approved a motion for staff to come back with a change to both the Council policy and the Municipal Code that would remove the requirement for the Audit Committee to sign anything; that the warrant information be put into the record for everyone to read; that the Audit Committee concentrate on what they do with the auditors, the instructions that they give the auditors, and what they get back from the auditors; and that the requirement that the two most junior members of the Council serve as the Audit Committee be removed.



a.         Consideration of Request from Councilmember Denny to Consider Improving the Beach Fire Policy in Order to Keep Coronado Beach Clean.  Approved


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The next regular City Council meeting is set for November 19, 2013. (Council meets at 4 p.m.)


Note: Items denoted by an * are related to the City of Coronado acting as the Successor Agency to the former Community Development Agency.