UPDATED: City Tests New Smart Trash Bin

Date of Record: 2013-10-30

Contact:  Janine Zuniga; (619) 522-7340


City Tests New Smart Trash Bin

CORONADO, Calif. (October 30, 2013) ‒ In response to citizen complaints about overflowing and unsightly trash cans at prominent locations in Coronado, the City is testing a new kind of smart trash can that may be the solution.
A BigBelly Solar receptacle was installed Wednesday, October 30, in front of MooTime Creamery, 1025 Orange Ave.  For the next two weeks, residents are encouraged to try it out and let us know how you feel. A short, informal survey is now available online. Click here to take survey.

BigBelly bin between two City trash bins.

The BigBelly trash receptacle is larger than those the City currently uses and has an enclosed design resembling a mailbox with a door you pull open before depositing waste. The bin uses solar power to compact trash that results in an increased capacity of more than 150 gallons. The trash bin also uses real-time data that senses when the trash bins need to be emptied.

BigBelly Solar promises its product will keep an area cleaner than the area around a typical trash bin. It also will help the City save money and fuel by reducing the number of times the trash bin needs to be cleaned out. The trash bins also help keep trash in and animals out. 

BigBelly at MooTime on Wednesday, October 30.

According to BigBelly Solar, the enclosed design eradicates many animal-related issues: "Seagulls and other birds are not extracting trash and rodents of all kinds ‒ from squirrels to rats ‒ are barred access from the containers, which has in some cases reduced their overall population in areas where the solution has been deployed." For more information about BigBelly Solar, check out its website.

Among other benefits, the Big Belly saves money, reduces litter, eliminates overflows, frees up city workers to do other work and lowers trash bills. The trash bins are twice as costly as the City's current trash containers. You may have seen them in other cities or states. There is one located at the entrance to the San Diego Zoo. Here is one on a street in Boston:

BigBelly Solar in Boston.