Weekly Update - 10/10/2013

Date of Record: 2013-10-10



Each week, the City Manager's Office provides an update that includes information on programs, services and issues within the City, as well as news, project updates and follow-up information when applicable. It can be found on the City's website.

The next City Council meeting is set for 4 p.m. on Tuesday, October 15, at City Hall, 1825 Strand Way. 


Public Safety Open House:  The Coronado Public Safety Open House held Sunday, October 6, was a huge success. This year, the Police Department participated at a higher level than in years past. For the first time, the community was able to tour the Police Department headquarters. The Fire Department was the hub of activities and Firefighters had fire equipment, including many of their vehicles, on display. Among the agencies participating this year were Federal Fire Department San Diego, Imperial Beach Fire Department, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, California Department of Forestry, San Diego County Sheriff's Department, San Diego Police Department, California Highway Patrol and San Diego Harbor Police. Local Lifeguards had their popular dunk tank and there was music, a coloring contest, a climbing wall and rides on the Little Fire Truck.

Birds-eye view from the top of the Fire ladder.

Firefighters in full gear.

Little Fire Truck ready to head out.

Coronado Lifeguards dunk tank in action.





Beached Sailboat:  A 30-foot sailboat ran aground on South Coronado Beach early Wednesday morning, October 9, as a result of high winds that pushed it from the Zuniga Jetty area.  Lifeguards contacted the registered owner and assisted with the removal of a small amount of gasoline, a few bottles of oil and a battery to avoid any pollution issues. The registered owner is working with a private buyer, who intends to remove the vessel from the beach as soon as possible. Until that time, Lifeguards are keeping the public clear of the beached vessel to avoid any injuries. City staff has consulted with the City Attorney in order to be able to legally remove the vessel, if the registered owner cannot. This sailboat should not be confused with a vessel that washed ashore near Naval Air Station North Island earlier in the week.


Vessel aground near the Coronado Shores condominiums.


Fountains Out of Service:  Two fountains - Coronado Rotary Plaza and Adella Plaza -- currently are being repaired after breaking down this week. The maintenance contractor is awaiting a part for the Rotary Plaza fountain, which is down in part due to vandals placing soap in the water. The soap harms pumps that eventually must be replaced. Clean-up efforts cost the City for staff time plus replacement equipment. The part for the Rotary Plaza fountain should be in next week. A plumbing contractor is working on a plan for the Adella Plaza fountain, fabricating screens that will prevent seeds from the nearby Tipu trees from plugging up the fountain lines. There is no ETA on the Adella Plaza fountain.


Coronado Rotary Plaza fountain is being repaired.


Adella Plaza fountain also getting needed repairs.


Smoking Ordinance:  If given final approval to move forward on a comprehensive outdoor smoking ordinance at the Tuesday, October 15 City Council meeting, staff members will prepare a brochure that will outline the new ordinance and signs (see prototype below) that will be posted in the City to notify the public. The ordinance prohibits smoking on all public property, including sidewalks, within 25 feet of enclosed areas that prohibit smoking, at outdoor public events, outdoor service areas, and within outdoor dining areas if the majority of the dining area is on public property. Smoking will continue to be allowed on private property, including hotels, at the discretion of the property owners, and at the Coronado Municipal Golf Course. If approved October 15, the ordinance is set to go into effect January 1, 2014.



Columbus Day Holiday:  Most City facilities, including City Hall and the Library, will be closed on Monday, October 14, in observance of Columbus Day. Coronado Police and Fire will be staffed during the holiday for emergency services, and some City facilities will be open. See press release on the City's website for details.


Special Events Permits:  Special events permits issued for beach and parks scheduled to be held from Saturday, October 12, through Friday, October 18. 





Wedding Ceremony

Central Beach

October 12

Wedding Ceremony

North Beach

October 12

Wedding Ceremony

South Beach

October 12

Wedding Ceremony

Spreckels Park

October 12

Birthday Party

Glorietta Bay Park

October 12

Wedding Ceremony

Central Beach

October 13

Wedding Ceremony

South Beach

October 13

Birthday Party

North Cays Park

October 14

Taste of Coronado

Ticket pick up:  Coronado Rotary Plaza; 101 B Avenue

October 16

Video Shoot

Central Beach and Glorietta Bay Park

October 17

CUSD Homecoming Parade

Orange Avenue

October 18

Wedding Ceremony

South Beach

October 18




Boards Commissions Committees:  The City of Coronado is looking for residents interested in participating on the Residential Standards Development Committee.  The committee will consider new ways to improve the quality of life in Coronado neighborhoods through finer revisions of the currents standards for residential zones. The deadline to apply is November 1. The City also has one vacancy each on the following commissions and committee: Civil Service Commission; Planning Commission; Street Tree Committee; and Historic Resource Commission. There are various deadlines in November for these vacancies. See more information in the flyer below or call the City Clerk's Office for details: (619) 522-7320.




ADA Transition Plan:  Ten firms responded to the City's Request for Proposals to update the Americans With Disabilities Act Transition Plan. The plan will evaluate existing facilities and programs for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and develop a transition plan to bring these facilities and programs into compliance. The plan also will help the City prioritize the improvements in the future. The proposals will be evaluated and a recommendation to award a contract will be placed on a future City Council agenda.

The ADA hoist at the Coronado Pool is among those items to be evaluated.


Pre-incident PlanningFire crews attended pre-incident planning sessions with California Department of Transportation safety personnel on the San Diego-Coronado Bridge catwalk this week. Bridge access points, critical fire and life safety systems, and utilities under the bridge were located and inspected. Crews observed security procedures, bridge worker scaffolding/work platforms, and reviewed firefighting and personnel evacuation procedures. City Manager Blair King and Building Inspection Supervisor Joe Romero attended the final "catwalk crawl" session on Wednesday, October 9.  



Library Board of TrusteesThe Library Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, October 8. The meeting was chaired by new President Sally Zoll and was attended by new Board Member Chelsea Sylvester.  The Board addressed Library regulations, including fines and fees, conduct and behavior in the Library, and other issues.


 Coronado Library.


Youth ProgramsThis week, a game program was held for high school students on Monday afternoon, and a Tween Craft program was held on Tuesday where participants made paper pumpkins.  The teens also made "Ghostly Gourds" on Wednesday.  The Spanish story hour was held Thursday, and the regular story hours were held on Tuesday and Friday.


Tween Craft paper pumpkins.


Brown Bag Piano Concert Series:  Today's lunchtime concert featured Irina Bessonova playing both popular and classical compositions on the Steinway piano. Here's the flyer listing the concert series.



Friday Night on the Strand:  Sixth, seventh and eighth graders came to the first Friday Night on the Strand on Friday, October 4. This Halloween Night-themed event featured a Halloween Fear Factor game, Pin the Eye on the Monster activity, Monster House movie viewing, and lots of Halloween treats in the Sand Dollar Room at the Community Center. Participants also played Dodgeball in the gym, climbed the rock wall, danced to tunes in the dance studio, played video games in the Abalone Room, and competed for the scariest, craziest and funniest costume awards.

Halloween-themed night at Friday Night on the Strand last week.

Halloween snacks at Friday Night on the Strand.


Games at the Coronado Club Room at Friday Night at the Strand.

Dance Classes:  The Recreation Department's dance program features tap, ballet, hip-hop, cheer and stunts. Children attend classes on a weekly basis to learn the skills necessary to perform dance routines.

Learning the dance routine at the Community Center.

Community Teens:  The Community Teens class headed to downtown San Diego on Monday, October 7, to help serve a meal to the homeless at the Third Avenue Charitable Organization.  The church provides a free meal to those in need every Monday afternoon and Friday morning.  The teens were complimented on their speed and helpfulness.  After a two-week break, class will resume on Monday, October 28, where the teens will head to the Coronado Assisted Living Center to help the residents paint pumpkins.

Community Teens donating their time to provide a free meal to those in need.


Pomona Roundabout:  The City Council is set to receive a presentation on the revised design for the Pomona Roundabout at its Tuesday, October 15, meeting.

Major Special Events:  The City Council is set to consider at its Tuesday, October 15, meeting approval of the Major Special Events Calendar for the Year 2014 and the adoption of a resolution of those Major Special Events in excess of eight for the year.

Mills Act Applications:  The City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing Tuesday, October 15, to consider the applications for Historic Resource Preservation, or Mills Act, Agreements for seven homes.