Police Give Gift Certificates to Students

Date of Record: 2013-08-02


 Contact: Janine Zuniga at (619) 522-7340


Police Give Gift Certificates, Not Citations
Students Following Rules of the Road Receive Rewards


CORONADO, Calif. (August 22, 2013) -- The Coronado Police Department welcomed students back to school today. However, instead of being armed with citation books, officers handed out gift certificates to bicyclists who were following the rules of the road and were properly wearing their bicycle helmets. 

Many of the student-police contacts began with an inquisitive look by the student but ended with a big smile. The officers interacted with returning students and parents and provided education about bicycling and driving safety to continue to improve the welfare for the students. 

The Coronado Recreation Department supplied the gift certificates, entitling the recipient to a complimentary day of activities at one of the various recreation facilities including the Aquatics Center and Skate Park.  

The safety of our school children is a joint effort between parents, community members, the Police Department, schools and students. Students are urged to travel to school in a safe manner.  When walking, students should use the sidewalk, walk facing traffic and use crosswalks.  Bicyclists should improve their safety by always wearing a properly fitting and fastened helmet and by not traveling diagonally through intersections. They should follow the rules of the road to improve their visibility and reduce conflicts with vehicle traffic. The basics include riding on the right side of the street, stopping at stop signs and looking for cars before changing direction.  Walking bikes across major intersections is also advisable. 

Drivers will need to be even more observant now that school has started and look out for bicyclists and pedestrians in the mornings and afternoons. When dropping students off at school, parents are encouraged to drop them off so they exit the car onto the sidewalk, not requiring them to cross the street. Drivers should not double-park or block the roadway.