Council Accepts Bid Contract For 15th Tee Changes

Date of Record: 2013-05-21


Contact: Janine Zuniga; (619) 522-7340

Council Accepts Bid For 15
th Tee Changes

CORONADO, Calif. (May 21, 2013) - Changes that will slightly alter the 15th tee at the Coronado Golf Course may come as early as next month.

The City Council approved the tee modifications in August to prevent golf balls from entering the adjacent tennis facility. Council members awarded a construction contract for the work today.

A committee, made up of City staff members, affected residents, and tennis and golf enthusiasts, met in July 2011 and evaluated the concerns, needs of the various interests and possible solutions. The group crafted several options for deflecting stray golf balls with a focus on improving safety and respecting aesthetic impacts.

The City Council supported the option that included lowering the tee and adding a new hedge to the 15th Tee. Halsey Daray Architects was hired for the project and is working to redesign the new tee complex. The company has worked on the Coronado Golf Course over several decades. The City estimates the project will cost $68,079, including $14,020 in costs to date.

The first photo includes a mock-up of the 15th tee looking east, with the hedge grown. The second photo includes the 15th tee looking west with the hedge grown and the tee lowered. Click on either image for a better view.