PhotoAtlas: New Look at Old Coronado

Date of Record: 2013-05-13


Contact: Christian Esquevin; (619) 522-7395

PhotoAtlas: New Resource for Old Coronado

CORONADO, Calif. (May 13, 2013) -- The Coronado Public Library, in cooperation with the Coronado Historical Association, has launched the Coronado PhotoAtlas. This web-based resource displays current and historical images of Coronado places as located by their street address. The project is sponsored by the Friends of the Coronado Library.

Providing the complete picture-puzzle of Coronado, street by street, over the last century and a quarter is a daunting task. The Coronado PhotoAtlas is a virtual tour of Coronado's architectural heritage. Residences, civic buildings, shop fronts, schools, churches, restaurants and other sites are presented. Find the Coronado PhotoAtlas at:

Central Liquor Store circa 1969

Links on the homepage will take you to a specific street, or start you on a pre-defined tour. You can choose a street or a tour. Click on a marker and you are taken to existing photos of that location. Multiple photographs associated with the same location over time are displayed as thumbnails and can be accessed by clicking on them. Click on a photograph and the descriptive text is displayed alongside the image. Click on the image again for a larger view. Information about each image will be provided when known, such as when a photo was taken, original building date, architectural style, residence history, and other facts. Designated Coronado Historic Resources also are included.

800 block of Orange Avenue circa 1950

The Coronado PhotoAtlas has been in development for the past year. It is being launched now in celebration of National Historic Preservation Month, although it will continue to grow. Existing images come from the collections of the Coronado Library and the Coronado Historical Association, as well as from private citizens. Contributions by the public of quality photos of houses, shops or other buildings are welcome. Please inquire at

To obtain copies of PhotoAtlas images or other pictures of properties in Coronado at different eras, contact Sarah Dickey, Coronado Historical Association archivist, or Christian Esquevin, director, Coronado Public Library.

Find the Coronado PhotoAtlas at: