Reminder About Summer Rentals

Date of Record: 2013-04-11


Contact: Tom Ritter, Assistant City Manager;(619) 522-7330

Reminder About Summer Rentals in Coronado

Coronado, CA (April 11, 2013) - As summer approaches, the City of Coronado would like to remind homeowners that renting a residential property in Coronado for less than 26 days at a time is prohibited.

The purpose of the City's prohibition of short-term rentals in a residential zone is to preserve the quality of life for full time residents and to maintain the residential character of local neighborhoods. Short-term rentals often create an intensified use that brings excessive vehicles, noise, and turnover of people in a residential home or condo that disrupts the livability of the neighborhood.

Property owners who violate the law by renting their property for less than 26 consecutive days at a time can be fined and the subject of legal action by the City to enforce its regulations. Renting a private home or condo for special events, weekend stays or as a weekly vacation home is against the law regardless of the time period between rentals. Residents are asked to comply with the law to be a good neighbor and maintain the residential atmosphere in the community.

For more information regarding the City's short-term rental ordinance or to report violations, residents can contact the City's Community Development Department at (619) 522-7326.