Monthly Real Estate Sign Sweeps

Date of Record: 2013-03-22


Contact: Janine Zuniga; (619) 522-7340

Coronado to Conduct Monthly Real Estate Sign Sweeps

Coronado, CA (March 22, 2013) - Coronado Public Services crews soon will begin performing monthly real estate sign sweeps around the City. One randomly selected weekend day, City staff will canvas Coronado and remove obvious signs illegally posted in the public right of way.

Emphasis will be given to those real estate signs promoting an "open house" as they are the most prolific both in the Coronado Village and Cays neighborhoods. The Coronado Municipal Code only allows real estate signs on the premises for sale.

Placing signs in Coronado's rights of way, no matter the length of time, is illegal, according to the City of Coronado Sign Ordinance. As the ordinance states, illegal signs can be a hazard if they become loose and fall into the street, block the view of motorists or pedestrians, or force pedestrians or bicyclists into traffic. Signs also are a visual blight.

This notice is going out in advance of the random sweeps to allow the community to review the City's Municipal Code to understand where signs are and are not permitted. The Coronado Municipal Code can be found on the City's website. Information on City rights of way and public property can be found in Chapter 52.

In general, Coronado prohibits signs posted on public property. Obvious prohibited places include the area between the curb and sidewalk, in parks and medians, on utility and other public poles, on corners that block sight lines, on roadways and in the street.

Real estate signs found in the public right of way will be removed. Residents are encouraged to notify the City of any illegally posted signs.

Confiscated signs will be stored at the Public Services Yard, 101 B Avenue, and may be retrieved during normal business hours. A fee to cover the costs of sign enforcement is being calculated and will be presented to the City Council for adoption at a future City Council meeting.

To reach Public Services, call (619) 522-7380. For more information about Coronado's sign ordinance, please call Community Development at (619) 522-2416.