Parks & Beaches


Coronado has many beautiful Parks and Beaches. Permits are issued for the following Parks and Beaches:
  • Bayview Park
  • Centennial park
  • Central Beach
  • Coronado Cays Park
  • Glorietta Bay Park
  • Glorietta Bay Promenade
  • Mathewson Park
  • North Beach
  • North Cays Park
  • South Beach
  • Spreckels Park
  • Star Park
  • Sunset Park
  • Tidelands Park (Operated and Permits issud by the San Diego Port District (619) 686-6225)
All private events held on Coronado Beach that involve the use of any nonstandard beach-related equipment require a use permit, regardless of the number of people attending. Equipment is defined as any item or appurtenance used to define a site or event or to facilitate a private gathering of people including but not limited to: chairs, tables, canopies, arches or arbors, stanchions, decorations, containers, podiums, audio systems, tents, umbrellas, aisle runners or floor coverings, flags, streamers, stages, fencing, and the like. Excluded from the definition of "equipment" is any item or appurtenance that is commonly understood as traditional beach gear of an individual, family or small group of persons for a typical day at the beach such as beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, coolers, small pop up canopies and game equipment. Click here to download the permit application for Coronado Beaches and Centennial Park.
All events held on City Parks must obtain a permit if there are more than 25 people in attendance.  
Click her to download the Park Use and Beach Sporting Event Permits.

In its commitment to maintaining Coronado's pristine public beach and to ensure that it remains an affordable and accessible attraction for everyone, the City recently made changes to its policy regarding fires on the public beach. Prompted by concerns that the existing ordinance did not address the type and size of materials that could be burned, the City looked into the matter. In October, the City Council agreed that it would retain all eight fire rings and continue to allow portable barbecues and fire rings at the beach. The Council also agreed to make changes to the City's beach fires ordinance.

The updated ordinance now:

  • limits fire materials to charcoal and clean wood, which is consistent with San Diego County Air Pollution Control District restrictions;
  • restricts fire materials to a height of 12 inches above the upper edge of the fire ring or container; and
  • requires fire materials to be contained inside the fire ring or container.

Fire Ring

San Diego County Air Pollution Control District restrictions prohibit the burning of landscape debris, paint, stain, sealer, wood preservative, cloth, rubber, metal, including nails and other hardware, asphalt, foam rubber, plastic or any material leaving any type of solid residue, other than ash. This restriction and the new height limits generally prohibit the burning of pallets, or wood from pallets with nails, as well as any wood that has been painted or varnished or that has other materials attached, such as rubber or plastic.

The City Council also agreed to provide security to monitor the beach at night, including the fire rings, to enforce the City's beach fires ordinance. Last month, Elite Security personnel began patrolling the North Beach area and will patrol on the weekends until Memorial Day weekend. Following Memorial Day weekend, the guards will begin seven-day coverage each week. The security will be present at the fire rings from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. to educate beach users about the beach and fire regulations and to report non-compliance to the Police Department.

The City has updated its beach signs and, at the request of the City Council, added additional hot coal receptacles at Avenida del Sol and at the south end of South Beach at Avenida Lunar.

As a reminder, the City requires parties of 25 people or more require an event permit, which may be obtained through the Coronado Community Center. Please call (619) 522-7342. To report a problem at the beach fire rings or near any fires on the beach, please call the Police Department non-emergency line at (619) 522-7350. For an actual emergency, dial 911.

Elite Security and Coronado Police officers are instructed to ask people who bring wood pallets, or any non-clean wood, to the beach to burn in a fire ring to return the wood the their vehicles and take it back home.

The City asks beachgoers to be courteous to others at the fire rings as well as to local residents and to burn only clean wood, which is free of hardware and contaminants. Pallets are not allowed. Please deposit coals in the hot coal receptacles. The City of Coronado hopes its beach fires ordinance helps to retain this popular Southern California tradition for affordable recreation.



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