About the Department

The Engineering and Project Development Department is responsible for management of a variety of programs including:

  • General Engineering Services - Provide right-of-way and encroachment permits, maintain all parcel and subdivision maps, and records of surveys. Plan holder for all street, sewer, storm drain, facilities and miscellaneous improvements.
  • Traffic Engineering - Provide objective studies of all traffic safety issues based on traffic warrants, traffic manuals and other applicable standards.
  • Project Development - Provide the planning, design, financial, contractual and construction management services necessary for development of the City's major capital improvement projects.
  • Street Maintenance and Improvement Program - Provide for the planning, design, repair and maintenance of the 40 miles that comprise the public street system.
  • Storm Drainage Improvement Program - Provide for the repair and upgrading of the City storm drainage system while ensuring compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations.
  • Wastewater Utility Improvement Program - Provide for the major repairs and improvements to the sanitary sewer system which consists of 43 miles of sewer mains, twelve pump stations and the Transbay pipeline.