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Glorietta Bay Civic Center to Open this Summer
Council's Corner

Council's Corner
Single Family Zoning Standards Final Public Hearings Scheduled.

The Residential Standards Improvement Project (RSIP) Report was presented to the City Council and Planning Commission on April 26.  Three public hearings are now scheduled to adopt RSIP’s 21 proposed recommendations.  The hearings are scheduled for May 23 before the Planning Commission and June 7       before the City Council.  All meetings will take place at the Police Station at 3:00 p.m.

The RSIP committee was formed by the Council to address current development issues such as demolishing older, small-scale homes to build larger houses, thus impacting neighbors’ privacy, light and quality of life.  Proposed recommendations include increased separation between houses, increased rear-yard second-story setback to improve neighbors’ privacy, and modifications to floor area ratio calculations to better control bulk and mass.

The RSIP Report and meeting information are available on the City’s website at www.coronado.ca.us.



What's Next
Major Sewer System and Road Improvements

Coronado Offers Plenty of Fun in the Sun

Beautiful biking and jogging paths are often
enjoyed by Coronado residents and visitors.
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Coronado has long been recognized as a haven for recreational enthusiasts, with a world-class beach, picturesque golf course and miles of waterfront biking trails.  Residents enjoy these natural amenities year round, as they contribute to the positive quality of life in our community.  Now that summer is right around the corner, here are a few ideas for enjoying the outdoors .

Two activities that have gained renewed popularity are rollerblading and biking.  Coronado features 15 miles of dedicated bike paths set against the backdrop of the City’s waterfront.  The paths provide rollerbladers, joggers, walkers and families pushing strollers with hours of safe enjoyment without having to cross busy streets or intersections.

Rest and relaxation are also important parts of recreation.  Residents can relax their minds, bodies and souls by spending a day in one of Coronado’s beautiful parks.  Each offers something different, allowing visitors to spend the day on their own terms.  For example, Glorietta Bay Park not only offers traditional grassy areas, but also playground equipment and a small beach, making it the ideal destination for families.  If residents are looking for more excitement, Tidelands Park offers a fitness course, ballparks and a large playground.

Once the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade is complete, residents will enjoy an uninterrupted trip along the Promenade, golf course and into Tidelands Park.  The path ends at the Ferry Landing Marketplace, where bike riders and skaters can rejuvenate and absorb panoramic views of the bay.

If the beach or bay is more your style, planning a fun-filled day of aquatic activities has never been easier.  The local marina offers rentals of everything from paddleboats to jet skis.  Fishing is also allowed at several locations.  Sunbathing, picnicking and building castles in the sand are also favorite pastimes.

“Coronado’s unique village atmosphere is the perfect environment to enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities,” said Linda Rahn, the Director of Recreation Services for the City of Coronado.  “On any given day, residents are only steps away from taking advantage of some of the most beautiful scenery in the country."

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Improving the Quality of Life for Residents

Through the Recreation Department, the City is proud to offer the community a variety of activity-based programs.  One of the benefits of getting involved in recreation is that it also helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Some of the City’s more popular recreational programs, as well as a few that will be available to the community in the near future, are summarized below.
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Grab a friend and spend the day on a court!  Coronado has 19 public tennis courts located throughout the City.  The Coronado Tennis Center offers regular classes for players of all levels, from tiny tots to aces.  Private and group instruction is available, as well as practice clinics.  For more information on tennis classes, please call 619.435.1616 .

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Team Sports
Pick a sport and join a team.  There are several team sports leagues available in Coronado, for children and adults.  Adult co-ed softball is one option.  Or, if water polo and swimming are more your style, consider joining the Aquatics Club.  There is a team for every athlete, regardless of age.  Bring your glove, bathing suit or ball, and sign up today .

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Coronado Skatepark
For the young and young at heart, spend an afternoon at the Coronado Skatepark.  Skateboards, rollerblades, knee pads, elbow pads and safety helmets, as well as refreshments are available for rent or purchase at this fast-paced, supervised facility.  Classes taught by experienced skaters are available for children ages 6 to 11.

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Climbing Wall

Opening this summer in the new Community Center is a state-of-the-art indoor climbing wall.  This exciting trend offers a mental and physical workout that teaches confidence, team building and communication skills.  Both first-time and experienced climbers will enjoy the wall in a safe and controlled environment.  Educational classes on climbing history, techniques and commands will be available, as well as group and/or private instruction .

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Surfing & Beach Programs
Coronado’s warm weather and beautiful beaches provide the perfect atmosphere for surfing, volleyball and other fun activities.  Whether you are just beginning or an experienced veteran, organizations like the Coronado Surfing  Academy can help surfers improve their skills in the water.  For more information, please visit www.coronadosurfing.com.  The City also offers a number of other activities for those looking to enjoy the sun while staying fit, such as weekly beach yoga classes and volleyball courts at Central Beach.

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Children of all sizes, skills and abilities enjoy participating in healthy and fun recreational activities.  The City has partnered with Kids Included Together (KIT) – a non-profit organization committed to including children in recreational, social and childcare programs – to provide programs for kids with and without special needs.  The City plans to continue this program in the new Community Center, which will be equipped with modern accommodations, including a family bathroom and a zero-depth pool for easy entry.

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Teen Programs
Ever wonder what it takes to become a sitcom writer?  How about a job as an illusionist?  Then again, a week of paintball camp could be the answer.  These are just a few of the cutting-edge teen programs that are offered throughout the year by the City.  Voice acting, wakeboarding, road challenges, surfing, and weekend excursions are examples of other programs open to local teens .

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Water Aerobics
Feel the burn while staying cool participating in a range of cardiovascular, strength training and muscle-toning exercises.  Water aerobics is the perfect way to beat the heat and stay in great shape.  Classes for multiple skill levels and age groups will be offered soon in the Community Center’s Olympic-size, heated pool.

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Opened in 1957, the Coronado Municipal Golf Course continues to reign as one of the finest and most stunning public golf courses in Southern California.  With an 18-hole, par 72 course with wide, inviting fairways, immaculately manicured greens and breathtaking views, it is no wonder this award-winning course is a source of pride for Coronado.  The course offers challenges for golfers of all skill levels.  For more information, please visit www.golfcoronado.com


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Want To Be a Teacher?
The City invites specialized instructors who have a skill they want to share with the community to contact the Recreation Department about the possibility of teaching a class at a City facility. The City requires that instructors enter into an agreement with the City, which includes health requirements, a City business license and a specified level of liability insurance.Contact Stacy Berman, the City’s Recreation Supervisor, by e-mail at: sberman@coronado.ca.us or by phone at 619.522.7316, if you are interested .

Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade to Open this Summer

The emerging buildings along Strand Way, just south of the Hotel Del, illustrate the steady progress of the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade.  Brick by brick, a new City Hall and Community Center is becoming a reality in Coronado.The grand opening is scheduled for July 15 and 16.  It will consist of a ribbon cutting and presentation at City Hall on Friday, July 15.  Following the presentation, guests will be invited to attend a reception in the Banquet Room and Patio of the Community Center.An open house is scheduled for the next day, Saturday, July 16.  City staff will conduct tours of the new City Hall, and recreation staff will provide informational demonstrations of the range of activities available at the Community Center.“The Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade will complement the City’s unique village atmosphere and truly offer something for everyone,” said Mark Ochenduszko, City Manager.

Two new swimming pools, a gymnasium and a fitness facility will highlight the Community Center.  Coronado families are eligible to receive discounted annual membership passes for recreation facilities at the Community Center.  Monthly and daily passes are also available.  The Banquet Room may be rented for weddings, parties and other private events.  A cabaret-style theatre will showcase a variety of performance activities .

The City Hall will include offices for the Mayor and Councilmembers, planning, building, engineering and administrative staff, the City Manager and the City Clerk. 
The new City Council Chambers will contain modern technology which will facilitate conducting City business.

For more information on the facilities provided at the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade, please contact the Recreation Department at 619.522.7342 or the City Manager’s office at 619.522.7335.

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