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Council's Corner
The City Council welcomes you to the first edition of Coronado Currents. Here are a few questions you may have about thisnew publication:

Q. What is Coronado Currents?
A. Coronado Currents is the City's new newsletter, mailed to every house and business on the island.

Q. Why was the newsletter developed?
A. The City has developed the newsletter to provide the community with timely and responsive information about upcoming construction projects, events and capital improvements.

Q. How often will residents receive Coronado Currents?
A. The newsletter will be produced three times per year. The second issue is scheduled for this fall, and the third in the beginning of 2003.

Q. What else is the City doing to keep the community informed?
A. In addition to Coronado Currents, the City is enhancing its web site to be more interactive and responsive to specific interests of community members.

The City of Coronado Community Center
Questions and Answers

1) What programs/activities will be offered?

The Community Center will be open every day with a wide variety of programs, such as athletics, art, dance, cooking, boating, music and drama, swimming, reading and fitness. Programs will be available for all ages. Exact hours of operation are being planned.

2) What will the program fees be?
Fees will be similar to those charged for current recreation activities and classes. Daily, weekly and monthly passes will be available for the Pool and Fitness Center.

3) Will there be drop-in activities for kids?
Yes, there will be a number of drop-in programs for youth and teens, which will include the Gymnasium, Climbing Wall, Swimming Pools and a Youth Clubroom with table games and a study center.

4) What facilities will be available to rent and who can rent them?
The Community Center will be open to the public. The Banquet Room, Outdoor Patio, Community Playhouse, Meeting/Activity Rooms and Pools will be available to rent for private parties, civic group events, business functions, meetings, banquets, receptions, performing arts productions and special events.

5) When and how can facilities be reserved?
The Community Center staff will begin accepting reservations in the summer or fall of 2005, after the facilities are open and operational. The City currently is developing policies regarding facility use fees and the service of alcoholic beverages at Community Center events.

6) What is the status of the Club Room andBoat House?
The designs of the Club Room and Boat House are still being finalized. The Club Room will be dedicated to youth and teen activities. The Boat House will be used to house non-motorized watercraft. The facilities are expected to be completed in the summer of 2005.

7) Who is the architect? The architectural firm Robbins Jorgenson Christopher was selected to assist the City in designing the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade. Robbins Jorgenson Christopher has designed many public facilities and has received numerous architectural awards.

8) Who is the contractor? Construction of the project has been awarded to PCL Construction Group, Inc. PCL has been the construction contractor for numerous projects throughout California, the continental United States and Canada.

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What's Next

A Note from the City Council

Standing: Councilmembers Casey Tanaka and Frank Tierney. Seated: Councilmember Patty Schmidt, Mayor
Tom Smisek, Councilmember Philip Monroe

Welcome to this special edition of Coronado Currents. The City Council is proud to announce that construction of the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade is under way.

The property along Glorietta Bay has always been a jewel of Coronado. And now, through the longtime efforts of the public, citizen task forces and the City Council, the community will be able to take full advantage of this beautiful and treasured portion of town.

Scheduled for completion in the spring of 2005, the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade will be home to a new Community Center, municipal pool, linear park and City Hall. The $33 million public improvement project will expand public access along the bay, enhance City services for Coronado residents and improve local water quality. New landscaping, pedestrianfriendly courtyards and interactive plazas are just a few of the planned amenities of the park. Anchoring the site will be a new 42,000-square-foot Community Center and a new 17,000-square-foot City Hall. The area will also include the existing Boathouse Restaurant, Glorietta Bay Marina and the boat launch ramp.

Strand Way Closure
Portions of Strand Way will be closed intermittently during the course of constructing the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade. During these periods, residents are encouraged to walk or bike to the area using the City’s bike path along Strand Way. The City appreciates your cooperationand understanding as this minor inconvenience contributes to an on– schedule opening of this civic treasure. For more information, contact 619.522.7383

The project has been designed to dramatically improve the appearance and quality of the waterfront environment, reinforcing the special characteristics of the location and adding to Coronado’s oneof- a-kind village atmosphere. One of the more prominent features of the site will be the continuous waterfront promenade, connecting the Coronado Yacht Club on the north to the boat ramp facility at Glorietta Bay Park on the south.

In the next year, we look forward to updating you regularly on the status of construction on the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade. The community’s input and support of this exciting endeavor is welcomed and appreciated, as it contributes to an improved quality of life for Coronado
residents and future generations.

Your City Council

City Hall information
The new and improved City Hall will be a convenient location for residents to meet with elected City officials, City staff and to conduct business. City Hall will house the following functions:

Mayor and City Council offices — 619.522.7320

The offices provide a central location for residents to contact or meet with the Mayor and City Councilmembers. Meetings with elected City officials are scheduled through the office of the City Clerk.

Office of the City Manager — 619.522.7335
Residents can contact the City Manager’s office with questions about City administration, the Community Development Agency or to meet with the City Manager or Assistant City Manager. The City Manager’s office also issues permits for special events throughout the City.

Office of the City Clerk — 619.522.7320
Staff in the City Clerk’s office handles requests for official City documents, as well as business license applications. Meetings with elected City officials may be scheduled through this office.

Administrative Services Department — 619.522.7300
The Administrative Services Department can answer questions regarding the City’s finances, human resources and current City job openings, risk management and information systems.

Community Development Department — 619.522.7326
The Community Development Department is available to help citizens understand building and zoning codes, land use, environmental issues and to conduct building plan checks and inspections.

Engineering and Project Development Department — 619.522.7383 The Engineering and Project Development Department manages planning, design, construction and repairs of the City’s facilities and buildings, including parks, streets and utility systems.

City Council Chambers
The new Council Chambers will contain improved audio/visual capabilities for presentations, public dialogue and televised meetings. The Council Chambers will be used for regular meetings of the City Council, Commissions, Committees, Boards, special meetings and public workshops.

Expected Opening Date
February 2005

Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade

Groundbreaking Recap

Members of the City Council and other local leaders break ground for the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade.

It seems as if only yesterday the City of Coronado celebrated the groundbreaking of the highly anticipated Glorietta Bay Master Plan project, now renamed the “Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade.” The former Recreation Center, Playhouse, City Hall and Pool were demolished in September 2003. On November 4, 2003, nearly 200 dignitaries, City officials and residents gathered to officially break ground for construction. As of spring 2004, the contractor is working to install building pilings and underground electrical connections. The construction of the buildings, the park and the pool has begun!

Click here to view an enlarged version of the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade

Park and Promenade Facts
The linear park, located between City Hall and the Community Center, will feature wide public pathways and turf areas to maximize views of Glorietta Bay. The park will be about 350 feet in length and 120 feet wide. Some of the features will include:

  • Picnic and gathering areas with benches throughout the park
  • A theme garden of rocks and shells
  • A wide pedestrian pathway for strolling along the bay (a bike path will remain along State Route 75).

Unique Fountain Sculpture to Grace Promenade

The sculpture, depicted in the artist’s rendering above, will be placed at the formal entrance of the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade.

With countless sources of inspiration and beauty in the City of Coronado, it is no wonder that artist James Hubbell was able to design a unique two-piece wave and shell sculpture to add the finishing touch to the Glorietta Bay Civic Center and Promenade.

The primary piece of the sculpture, a fountain designed to illustrate the ocean, will be constructed largely of cement. The outside portion will be covered in an earthtone– colored stone to convey the sandy beaches of the City, and the inside will be finished with iridescent tiles to remind people of diverse shells that decorate Coronado’s shores.

At the front of the sculpture will be a large natural stone. Raised on a pedestal at the back of the sculpture will be a white marble carving. The stone will complement the shimmering tiles, while the carving will represent the world of Coronado and the sea. From the two main fountains, light streams of water will flow into the pool. The tile of the sculpture will also be carefully extended into the pavement area, marking the entrance to the Promenade and Community Playhouse.

“Beauty and elegant history are a part of Coronado’s soul,” said Hubbell (of Hubbell and Hubbell Artists and Architects). “This piece is designed to emulate these characteristics.”

The fountain and its sculptural elements were designed to connect the City Hall building and the Community Center building. Placed at the formal entrance of the Promenade, the sculpture will be a place of celebration and gathering for the Coronado community.

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