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Council's Corner
The City of Coronado has officially embarked on its new GovDelivery program, allowing interested parties to receive automatic email notifications about important City matters. Here are answers to a few questions about the service:

Q. Why has the City implemented the GovDelivery system?
A. The service will help provide residents with access to timely and responsive information about the city.

Q. What type of information is available via email notifications?
A. Interested parties cn request agendas, meeting minutes, requests for proposals and updates from City departments, such as City Council, Planning Commission, Historic Resource Commission, Traffic Operations Committee, and Parks & Recreation Board.

Q. How often are notifications sent?
A. Notifications are distributed as soon as new information becomes available.

Q. How do residents sign up?
A. Visit www.coronado.ca.us and click on the blue Email Updates box.

What's Next
A New Library with Old Traditions

  • More than 247,600 visitors in 2001
  • Contains nearly 143,000 books
  • More than 23,300 multimedia resources available
  • Land provided by John Spreckles in 1909
Since 1890 the Coronado Public Library has been an integral part of the fabric of this community. Located in the heart of downtown since 1909, the library has become a focal point in the city and is one of the most treasured buildings in Coronado. Beginning this fall, the library will undergo an expansion, planned to preserve and restore the library's history.

The 17,000-square-foot addition will better accommodate the library's more than 166,000 books, magazines and multimedia resources. Additionally, the expansion will provide space for new reading areas, computer terminals and teen group study rooms.

"This expansion will retain the library's character and create a more comfortable experience for our visitors." said Christian Esquevin, Director of Library Services. "The increased area will allow the library to expand its collection and services in the coming years."The first phase of the expansion will focus on the construction of the new portion of the library and is expected to take approximately nine months. In the second phase of the project, the library's collection will be moved onto the new area. During that time, the interior of the original 1909 library will be completely renovated to include features such as wingback chairs, that reflect the early twentieth century.

The library will also become home to two historical murals painted by famous Mexican artist Alfredo Ramos Martinez in the late 1930s. El Dia del Mercado will be displayed in the new lobby above the circulation desk, and Canasta de Flores will hang in the principal seating area.

Alfredo Ramos Martinez's El Dia del Mercado was first displayed in Coronado in 1938 at la Avenida Café before it was donated to the City by Gus and Barbara Theberge in 1994.
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Born in 1871, Martinez is best known for his modern pantings and murals depicting everyday Mexican life. The artist was once commissioned by the Mexican government to paint a wedding present for Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

"The City is thrilled to have such a wonderful place to display these incredible pieces of art history," said Esquevin. "They will complement the overall feeling of the library considerably."

The library will remain fully operational during the course of the expansion project. Library hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 619.522.7390.

A New Place to Do Business:
City Hall

In the last issue of Coronado Currents, residents were introduced to the City of Coronado's Glorietta Master Plan and its new 40,000-square-foot community center. Developed to encourage and enhance public access along the City's Study, the Glorietta Master Plan will improve the quality of life in Coronado and provide visitors and residents easier access to City government offices and services.

"The goal of redesigning City Hall is to enhance access to city services for Coronado residents and businesses."
- Mark Ochenduszko, City Manager

Located on Strand Way adjacent to the Community Center, the new city hall will be home to City departments such as Administrative Services, Engineering, Community Development, City Clerk, Council offices and the City Manager's office. The project will begin next year and is expected to be completed by fall 2004.

Click here to view an enlarged version of the City Hall

"Celebrating the Village":
Downtown Specific Plan

Intricate landscaping along Orange Avenue adds to Coronado's beauty and the special quality of life the residents and visitors have come to enjoy in the downtown area.
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"The Downtown Specific Plan will sustain the Crown City's unique residential- and business-friendly village atmosphere," said Tony Pe–a, Director of Community Development, City of Coronado. "It will further improve the quality of life for residents and visitors of the City of Coronado."

For several months, the City has been developing the Downtown Specific Plan, which focuses on improving the Orange Avenue corridor from First Street to the Hotel del Coronado (see map below). The project will comprehensively address development, land use, parking and the preservation of historic resources in the corridor.

Click here to view enlarged image.
The City has held several Public workshops, as well as one-on-one interviews, to gather valuable input from Coronado residents, merchants and property owners. Information on a wide range of topics, from building heights to business types, was then incorporated into the plan. Additionally, the City is conducting a parking study to evaluate the needs of those in the downtown area. The results will be incorporated into the final plan as well.

The Downtown Specific Plan is scheduled to be finalized and presented to the City Council for review this fall.

The Downtown Specific Plan will sustain the unique business-friendly village atmosphere of Coronado's popular commercial areas.
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Preservation of Coronado's architectural heritage is an important part of the Downtown Specific Plan.
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Traffic Study Underway to Evaluate Solutions
Public Input Encouraged
In a continued commitment to seeking new solutions to Coronado's traffic challenges, the City recently embarked on a Major Investment Study (MIS). The objective of the MIS is to identify capital project mobility improvements for State Routes 75 and 282 from the bridge to NAS North Island.

A 1.4-mile bored tunnel could be one of the potential solutions to alleviate traffic congestion in Coronado.
Courtesy of Photo Geodetic Corp.
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"Regional traffic going to and from NAS North Island has a significant impact on the Coronado community," said Jim Benson, City of Coronado Director of Engineering and Project Development Department. "The MIS will help us identify appropriate options to provide adequate roadway capacity, to improve traffic safety and Coronado's residential land use character."

The study will look at several project options ranging in cost and size. Constructing a tunnel underneath the City, extending from the bridge to the military base, is one possible option. The concept was originally suggested as a solution to alleviating traffic congestion and the City has researched its possibilities extensively.

The MIS is scheduled to be completed in July 2003. The preferred improvement strategy is expected to be identified in spring 2003. In the meantime, members of the public are encouraged to share their suggestions and comments at the first public workshop on September 19. See newsletter insert for more information.