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Council's Corner
The City Council welcomes you to the first edition of Coronado Currents. Here are a few questions you may have about thisnew publication:

Q. What is Coronado Currents?
A. Coronado Currents is the City's new newsletter, mailed to every house and business on the island.

Q. Why was the newsletter developed?
A. The City has developed the newsletter to provide the community with timely and responsive information about upcoming construction projects, events and capital improvements.

Q. How often will residents receive Coronado Currents?
A. The newsletter will be produced three times per year. The second issue is scheduled for this fall, and the third in the beginning of 2003.

Q. What else is the City doing to keep the community informed?
A. In addition to Coronado Currents, the City is enhancing its web site to be more interactive and responsive to specific interests of community members.

Bridge Toll Removal
In preparation of the toll removal, the State Route 75 Congestion Relief Working Group developed a list of short-, mid- and long-term traffic calming, safety and relief measures that were approved by the SANDAG Board on April 26, 2002. Some of the measures have already been implemented, such as the double left turn southbound from Orange Avenue onto Fourth Street. Others will be studied by Caltrans over the next year.

Standing since 1969, the San Diego-Coronado Bridge has become a landmark synonymous with the City of Coronado, as well as San Diego County. For more information on the toll removal, or how to get refunds for unused discount coupons, call (619) 435-2224

City Web Site Enhanced
Earlier this year, the City of Coronado enhanced its web site to include more user-friendly features, such as Current Events, Ongoing Projects and Quick Links located on the site’s home page. Additionally, the City will soon be augmenting its site with GovDelivery, a feature that will offer residents and visitors the opportunity to receive automatic email notifications. These notices alert subscribers to items of interest and access to important City information and documents. In the near future, look for these and other enhancements to our site at www.coronado.ca.us.
What's Next
Construction to begin this fall. Stay tuned.
Initial studies underway. More information next issue.
Work in progress. Public meetings ongoing
Inaugural Issue

Coronado's Next Generation:
Glorietta Bay Master Plan Update

The Glorietta Bay Master Plan will improve public access and recreational opprtunities for Coronado citizens along the bay front.
Sustaining the unique residential-and business-friendly village atmosphere in Coronado is the foundation of the Glorietta Bay Master Plan. Carefully crafted through an extensive planning process, which included substantial public input, the Master Plan paints a vibrant portrait of Coronado's future, while retaining the special character of the community's past.

"The goal of the Glorietta Bay Master Plan is to encourage and enhance public access along the City's shoreline property," said City Manager Mark Ochenduszko. The project will feature open spaces and parks blended together with a dynamic Community Center and a new and improved City Hall.

The $30 million project establishes a continuous waterfront promenade, stretching from the Coronado Yacht Club to the existing Glorietta Bay Park boat ramp facility. A series of small, intimate courtyards and plazas interwoven between the City Hall and Community Center buildings are planned to accommodate a wide range of outdoor activities.

To preserve the majestic views of the bay, the height of buildings will be kept to a single story. City departments, such as Administrative Services, Engineering, Community Development, City Clerk, Council offices and the City Manager's office, will be based in City Hall, along with a new Council Chambers. An expansive Community Center will offer numerous recreational and cultural opportunities for Coronado residents (see inside for more details), and road improvements on Strand Way will enhance traffic circulation.

The completion of this project will improve the quality of life for residents and future generations in Coronado. The Glorietta Bay Master Plan was adopted by the Coronado City Council on February 6, 2001. Groundbreaking is scheduled for next year, and the project is expected to be completed by fall 2004.

Community Center
The City of Coronado's new Community Center will have something for everyone. The 40,000-square-foot complex will include recreational facilities, meeting and classroom areas, a playhouse, and a major events hall for large community gatherings. The Community Center, estimated to be completed by fall of 2004, is one part of the multi-faceted Glorietta Bay Master Plan. Below is a graphic depiction of the new Community Center with specific information about some of its features:

Click here to view an enlarged version of the Community Center

Great Room
Serving as the Community Center's primary events hall, the Great Room will be used for banquets, meetings, receptions, private parties, community functions, and special events.

Fitness & Activity Facilities
Two large classrooms, equipped with a kitchen and restrooms, will be used for several activities including community meetings, youth recreation and preschool programs. A fully-equipped fitness center and an aerobics dance room also will be built.

The intimate cabaret-style Playhouse will be the new home to Coronado Playhouse productions, and dance and music recitals, and drama activities.

The 6,580-square-foot gym will have a regulation-size basketball court and will provide for a range of activities including volleyball, badminton, gymnastics, soccer, and other sports.

Other Notable Features:
Boat House
Located at the south end of the pool complex, the Boat House will offer storage rental for small, non-motorized watercrafts such as kayaks, paddle boats, and rowboats. Water sport classes, clubs, camps, and competitions also will be available at the Boat House.

The Clubroom, located above the Boat House, will be home to several teen activities, youth programs, and day camps.

Locker Rooms
Spacious men's and women's locker rooms will include adequate changing space, public storage lockers, restrooms, showers and a family restroom and dressing area.

Lifeguard Service Ready for Summer Season
New Lifeguard Tower to be Built

The City will soon be exploring designs for a new lifeguard tower.
Each year, more than 2.5 million people visit Coronado beaches. This summer will be no different. In preparation for the large crowds, the City began evaluating its existing lifeguard facilities, including the lifeguard tower at Central Beach.

An extensive review of the 50-year-old structure determined that it is need of replacement. The tower has since been fenced off as a safety procaution. Temporary portable towers will be used this summer season, providing service consistent with previous summers.

"The City is preparing plans for a new lifeguard tower that would inculde an operations headquarters, first aid station, and equipment storage facility," said City Manager Mark Ochenduszko. "The new tower will be sufficiently elevated to provide lifeguards with a view of the beach, facilitating quick responses."

The City Council will consider several options for the replacement facility and anticipates makinga decision by the end of the year. A new tower could be in service by next year. In the meantime, enjoy the beach and the outstanding lifeguard service provided by the City.

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