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3 Being a Good Neighbor: Street Sweeping
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6 Hot Topic: Hotel del Coronado Amended Master Plan

New Law Helps Keep Drivers’ Eyes on the Road
Laws related to cell phone use while driving just got a little more strict. Effective January 1, 2009, it is illegal to read or send text messages or emails while driving in California.

“These laws are put into effect to encourage drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road,” said Police Chief Lou Scanlon.

Drivers caught texting will be fined $20 for a first offense. A $50 fine will be imposed for repeat offenders using any electronic devices to read or send text messages. For more information or questions about the new law, contact the Coronado Police Department at 619.522.7350.

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Residents Support Lending
a Hand to Sharp Coronado

Sharp Coronado Hospital provides quality health care services locally.
After the dust settled on Election Day 2008, it was easy to see what the Coronado community holds dear. Nearly 80 percent of residents voted yes on Proposition F, the Coronado Hospital Foundation Property Purchase. Translation: Residents support the Community Development Agency’s (CDA) purchase of the Sharp Coronado Hospital property from the Coronado Hospital Foundation.

“The overwhelming support for Proposition F made a statement and City officials heard it loud and clear,” said City Manager Mark Ochenduszko. “Coronado residents believe that keeping Sharp Coronado Hospital open is imperative to preserving the quality of life in the community.”

The terms of the agreement help keep Sharp Coronado Hospital open by providing funds for hospital capital improvement projects. The CDA will purchase the hospital property from the Coronado Hospital Foundation for $20.1 million, to be paid over a 15-year term. In addition, a forgivable $7 million loan from the CDA will fund hospital capital improvements.

“This agreement will help ensure residents receive health care from their own high quality, award-winning community hospital,” Ochenduszko continued. “The City gains a valuable asset and Coronado families will continue to have access to superior health care services.”

The CDA’s payments will allow the Foundation to continue its philanthropic purpose to support operations of the hospital. The CDA will lease the property back to the Foundation for $1 a year so that it can continue to lease the property to Sharp Coronado Hospital for $1 a year. The CDA also amended its existing owner participation agreements by reducing the Foundation’s obligations to match the City’s loan from 100 percent to 50 percent. In addition, the CDA eliminated the requirement that all matching funds from the Foundation are to be limited to the acquisition, construction and installation of capital improvements at the hospital. By eliminating the Foundation’s matching obligation toward capital improvements, more of the Foundation’s financial resources can be devoted to supporting the operations of the hospital.

For more information about the Coronado Hospital Foundation property purchase, contact the CDA at 619.522.7335.

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The Village Theater to Make a Hollywood Comeback
Coronado’s historic Village Theater may soon be reliving its glory days. In 2008, the City’s Community Development Agency (CDA) agreed to fund the renovation of the theater with a $2.675 million grant and to allow Five Star Theatres to open and operate the theater under a long-term lease with the current owner.

“Reopening the theater will help preserve some of Coronado’s history and enhance the unique charm of the village,” according to Rachel Hurst, Director of Community Development, Redevelopment and Housing Services. “Residents will once again be able to enjoy first-run movies in their own community.”

1962 Coronado Film Festival
The Village Theater is the only movie theater in the City of Coronado. It opened in March 1947 and, a year later, featured film classics such as Key Largo, Fort Apache and Easter Parade. In 1949, the Village Theater hosted the world premiere for the movie Hell Divers, starring Wallace Beery and Clark Gable. The movie was filmed at North Island. The theater closed in 2000, forcing residents to travel outside of the City to see the latest movies.

The renovation is expected to take up to 18 months. In addition to the CDA grant, Five Star will contribute the costs to replace theater fixtures and equipment. The facade of the theater will be restored to its original appearance and the inside of the theater will be completely renovated. The design goals are to keep the 1940s era look and feel alive inside the theater.

Upon completion, the Village Theater will hold up to three screens with state-of-the-art acoustics.

For more information on the renovation of the Village Theater, contact the CDA at 619.522.7335.

All photos courtesy of the Coronado Historical Association

New Cable Options Offer Residents More Choices

Coronado residents are beginning to enjoy more options when it comes to channel surfing. In 2008, Time Warner and AT&T were awarded state franchise agreements by the California Public Utilities Commission. Under the new statewide agreements, Time Warner and AT&T can offer cable services to any city they choose – and they both chose Coronado.

“The City had a local franchise agreement with Time Warner that began in 1990,” said City Manager Mark Ochenduszko. “The new agreement will allow residents the opportunity to select the cable provider that best suits their needs.”

Past law dictated that cable providers enter into local franchise agreements with individual cities to install the necessary infrastructure for cable service. Time Warner will continue to offer its cable services throughout the City. For more information about Time Warner Cable, contact the company at 619.435.0157.

AT&T began offering service in some areas of Coronado in June 2008. Once AT&T has completed its infrastructure in the City, it will offer service to all residents. For more information or to find out when services will become available, contact AT&T at 858.495.3996 or 800.ATT.2020.

State Budget Problems Can Trickle Down

The City of Coronado is dedicated to acting in a fiscally prudent and sound manner with the community’s resources. However, when the State of California is in financial turmoil like it is today, local municipalities are often called upon to give up resources to help the State cover its revenue shortfalls. In the past, these have come in the form of new fees or charges that the City must pay, or direct impacts from revenue take aways.

“During the serious state deficit problem in 1992, the State enacted legislation that placed ongoing financial responsibility on local governments to fund K-12 education,” said Leslie Suelter, Director of Administrative Services. “Every year, a portion of Coronado’s property tax revenue is shifted to the State to finance the Educational Revenue Augmentation Funds (ERAF).”

Roughly a total of $25.1 million, or $1.5 million a year, of Coronado’s property taxes have gone to ERAF since that time. Over the years, the State has provided fiscal relief to cities by funding new initiatives that offset or mitigate some of the property tax losses.

As California enters a new financial crisis, the City anticipates that there will be additional impacts to the City. This year the State turned to redevelopment agencies to provide additional funding to ERAF, and Coronado’s Community Development Agency was assessed $1 million. This $1 million loss means less funding available for School District and City capital improvement projects. With the continued decline in State revenues, it is anticipated that further impacts to cities and other local governments will be forthcoming.

“One of the City’s core principles is to be responsible and conservative with financial resources,” confirmed Suelter. “Because the City has stood firmly by that principle, Coronado residents will face fewer impacts from these state actions than other cities.”

No City resources or services will be cut back or closed in the foreseeable future. The City will continue to closely monitor the State budget crisis and take any needed steps to preserve the General Fund. For more information on the City budget, contact the City Manager’s office at 619.522.7335.

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Being a Good Neighbor: Street Sweeping
The City of Coronado prides itself on keeping the community clean and safe for residents. In addition to City services, there are still small things that residents can do to ensure Coronado’s village atmosphere is up to the standards the community deserves. One of those things is becoming familiar with the City street sweeping schedule so that curbs are car-free on each neighborhood’s designated day.

“Residents can help the City keep the streets clean by observing the regular street sweeping schedule,” said Scott Huth, Director of Public Services. “Debris is often caught behind tires and if the street sweeper cannot reach it, it can end up in a neighbor’s yard.”

The majority of the village is swept on Mondays and Tuesdays. Orange Avenue and Ocean Boulevard are swept daily. The street sweeping schedule is available on the City’s website (www.coronado.ca.us) or by calling the Public Services department at 619.522.7380. They will also do its best to let callers know the approximate time their street will be swept.

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Winter Fire Safety Tips for the Home
With the winter season upon us, it’s time to think about how to add some extra heat to your home. Many of us light fires in the fireplace or plug in space heaters this time of year; however, they are a major factor in preventable residential fires. The Coronado Fire Department has provided the following helpful safety tips to make your home safer during the winter season. Please follow these safety tips to maintain a fire-safe home this winter:

Fireplaces, Furnaces & Space Heaters

  • Have your chimney professionally inspected annually and cleaned if necessary, especially if it has not been used in some time. Make sure the flue pipe and pipe seams are inspected and are well-supported and free of holes and cracks. Soot along or around seams can indicate a leak.

  • Do not use flammable liquids to start or accelerate a fire in a fireplace or wood stove.

  • Don’t use excessive amounts of paper to build roaring fires in fireplaces. Overbuilding the fire could ignite creosote in the chimney.

  • Keep flammable materials away from your fireplace mantel. A spark from the fireplace could easily ignite these materials.

  • If synthetic logs are used, follow the directions on the package. Never break a synthetic log apart to quicken the fire, and never use more than one log at a time. They often burn unevenly, releasing higher levels of carbon monoxide.

  • It’s important that you have your furnace inspected to ensure that it is in good working condition. Inspect the walls and ceiling near the furnace and along the chimney line. If the wall is hot or discolored, additional pipe insulation or clearance may be required.

  • Be sure all furnace controls and emergency shutoffs are in proper working condition.

  • Leave furnace repairs to qualified specialists. Do not attempt repairs yourself unless you are qualified.

  • If you use an electric heater, be sure not to overload the circuit. Use only extension cords that have the necessary rating to carry the amp load and are the same size or larger than the appliance electrical cord.

Other Fire Safety Tips

  • If windows are used as emergency exits in your home, practice using them in the event of a fire. Be sure that all the windows open easily. Home escape ladders are recommended.

  • If there is a fire hydrant near your home, you can assist the fire department by keeping the hydrant clear of obstacles so it can be easily located.

  • Be sure every level of your home has a working smoke alarm, and be sure to check it on a monthly basis.

  • Plan and practice a home escape plan with your family.

  • Contact the Coronado Fire Department if you have a question on home fire safety. They can be reached at 619.522.7378.

CERT Courses
(Coronado Emergency Response Team)
Winter 2009

CERT graduates of Fall 2008
Arie Cady, Clarence Freeman, Charee Cady, Kim Baldwin

To register for these free classes, or for more information, please contact the Coronado Fire Department at 619.522.7374. All modules run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Module Class Title Description
1. January 24 Disaster Preparedness An introduction to the CERT program
2. January 31 Disaster Fire Suppression Fire safety and extinguisher use
3. February 7 Disaster Medical Operations First aid, establishing treatment areas, treating airway obstruction, bleeding and shock
4. February 14 Light Search & Rescue Planning, techniques and rescuer safety
5. February 21 Terrorism, Disaster Psychology, Team Organization Symptoms experienced by victims & rescuers.

CPR Schedule: All classes are held Jan. 14, Feb. 28, March 19
from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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Being Prepared for Emergencies
Being prepared for an emergency is part of our everyday lives. Below are some emergency preparedness tips from the Coronado Fire Department. Contact the Fire Department Disaster Preparedness Division at 619.522.7378 to obtain more information or a complete list of recommended emergency kit items.

Personal Plans

In any emergency situation, family and members of the household come first. When preparing for an emergency, keep a few things in mind:
  • You may be separated from each other.

  • You may not be able to communicate.

  • Power supplies may be cut.
To be prepared, speak with your family and immediate neighbors about your emergency plan. Below are some suggestions to consider in your emergency plan:
  • Decide how best to stay in touch with family members in an emergency situation.

  • If not at home, agree how you will contact each other, who will pick up the children from school, and who will check on elderly or disabled family members or neighbors.

  • If separated, decide on a member of your family (preferably living in another location) who you will all contact to let everyone know you are safe.

  • Agree on a place where you will all meet if separated.

Store Important Documents Safely

It’s a good idea to keep the following in a waterproof container or small portable safe in a safe place where it can easily be retrieved:
  • Wills

  • Passports

  • Photos

  • Birth & marriage certificates

  • Insurance papers

Learn Some Basic First Aid

Knowing the basics of first aid can save lives in an emergency. Basic courses are offered regularly by the Coronado Fire Department, American Red Cross and at many community colleges. Contact the Coronado Fire Department at 619.522.7378 if you would like more information.

Prepare An Emergency Kit & Keep It Handy

The following items may help you stay safe in emergency situations:
  • Battery-operated radio (with spare batteries).

  • First aid kit and manual.

  • Medication, toiletry and sanitary supplies.

  • Special needs for infants, the elderly and family members with disabilities.

  • Spare clothes and sleeping bags for each family member.

  • Mobile phone, charger and spare battery.

  • Strong plastic bags (for clothing, valuables, documents and photographs).

  • Copies of important family documents (birth certificates, passports and licenses).

  • Contact details for your agreed-upon family contact.

What To Do If You Have To Remain in Your Home For a Period of Days

Ensure the following are available in your home in the event of an emergency where power, gas and water supplies have been cut:
  • Essential supplies (food and water) for up to three days.

  • Duct tape and a sheet of plastic to seal windows, scissors and a Swiss army knife.

  • Fire extinguisher.

  • Flashlight and spare batteries.
It is also important to know how to turn off electricity, gas and water supplies in your home.

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Hot Topics:
Hotel del Coronado Amended Master Plan

Graphic rendering of new conference center.
The Hotel del Coronado’s Amended Master Plan has been all the buzz in the community over the past year. The numerous public hearings that have been held on the project captured the attention of residents throughout the City. Though it is not a City project, officials understand that the hotel is a community landmark and plans related to the property are of interest to residents.

The Hotel del Coronado is ready to move forward with the second phase of its Master Plan. The City has already granted all of the necessary discretionary permits for the project.

Plans for this phase include:
  • New conference center and 144 additional guestrooms.

  • New signalized main entry at Orange Avenue and Avenida del Sol.

  • Reduction in the amount of the site devoted to surface parking, with the majority of the parking in underground structures.

  • Increase in the amount of the site devoted to landscaping, restoring the hotel’s garden setting.

  • Restoration of the facade of the main hotel and re-creation of the historic front porch.

  • Relocation and extension of the Paseo del Mar walkway to provide a continuous accessible beachfront pathway, connecting to the boardwalk in front of the Coronado Shores property. When completed, the boardwalk will extend from Ocean Boulevard to Avenida Lunar.
The project is still under review by the California Coastal Commission. For more information, a complete set of the plans is available for review at City Hall.

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