2 City of Coronado Refreshes its Website
3 Coronado Capital Improvement Projects Update
4 The Coronado Community Center Celebrates Three Years of Making Memories
5 A Message from the Coronado Fire Department
6 A Reminder for Dog Owners

Fall 2008
Clean Up

The City of Coronado and EDCO are once again joining together to help residents clear some space in their homes and garages by holding the Coronado Fall 2008 Community Clean Up.

During the week of October 13 – October 17, bulky waste such as furniture (e.g., sofas, chairs and mattresses), large appliances (e.g., washers, dryers and refrigerators) and construction and demolition debris can be placed curbside along with trash containers on residents’ regularly scheduled trash collection days.

Hazardous waste such as television monitors, batteries, paints or other chemicals will not be accepted at curbside, but can be dropped off at the main Fire Station on Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. For more information on the clean up, call EDCO at 619.287.7555.

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Coronado Playgrounds Grow Up:
Upgrades Planned for Local Parks

Rendering of the new Spreckels Park playground.
Playtime in parks is a cherished childhood memory for people in all communities. This year, the City of Coronado is implementing a playground equipment refurbishment plan to ensure that the community’s youngest residents will keep making memories for years to come.

“The safety and happiness of Coronado families is a priority for City officials,” said Public Services Department Director Scott Huth. “The planned playground upgrades will help preserve the unique village atmosphere of local parks and provide additional benefits to the community.”

The playground at Spreckels Park will be the first to be improved. This refurbishment will be the largest project and will be completed before the end of 2008. The City held a public workshop in June to gather input from the community on proposed designs for the new playground. Several resident suggestions were incorporated into the final design, such as additional benches, a firefighter’s pole and additional toddler swings.

The new design will be built in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Existing playground equipment is scheduled to be removed in September. The playground will be out of service for three to four weeks.

“The playground upgrades at all parks will also keep the equipment in line with the latest national safety standards,” said Huth.

Playground refurbishment is also planned for Sunset and Vetter parks in 2009. A new jungle gym will replace existing equipment at Sunset Park. A new swing set will be installed at Vetter Park.

For more information on playground refurbishment in Coronado, contact the Public Services Department at 619.522.7380.

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City Website Refreshed
The City of Coronado recently launched an updated version of its website, featuring a new, more dynamic layout and userfriendly features designed to encourage more online activity.

“The objective of the redesign was to make the website easier to navigate and to be more responsive to community requests,” said City Manager Mark Ochenduszko. “We worked to make the site more practical for residents and business owners.”

The new site is more intuitive, with information organized by how visitors typically browse the Internet. The City used online data collected from the previous site to determine which areas were being visited most. Those areas are now easier to find and more prominent. The five major categories of information on the new site are Residents, Visitors, Government, Site Tools, and Action Center.

The new home page makes finding information easier.

“The new site also provides enhanced online services, such as requests for maintenance or tree service,” said Ochenduszko. “Residents can also track the status of their requests online.”

The website address remains www.coronado.ca.us.

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Boat House/Club Room
The new Boat House/Club Room will
be located in Glorietta Bay Park.
This new building planned for Glorietta Bay Park will have dual uses: housing for non-motorized watercraft and a community room for youth programs. Plans for the Boat House/Club Room have been approved by the City Council and construction should be completed by summer 2009.

Lifeguard Support Building

Construction on the new Lifeguard
Support Building began in July.
The Lifeguard Support Building is under construction at Central Beach. The building will house lifesaving equipment and provide needed services for City lifeguards such as a locker room and showers. Construction is expected to be completed for summer 2009.

Tennis Center

In Schematic plans for a new Coronado Tennis Center were recently approved by the City Council. Staff is now proceeding with the environmental review and design process. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2009.
A graphic rendering of the Coronado
Tennis Center entrance.

Temporary Roundabout on Pomona Avenue

The temporary roundabout will be located at the intersection of Pomona Avenue, Adella Avenue and Seventh Street.

Last year the Coronado City Council directed that a study of possible intersection improvements be completed to determine potential enhancements to the intersection of Pomona Avenue, Adella Avenue and Seventh Street. The intention of the study was to address problems associated with right-of-way identification, vehicle speed, aesthetics and pedestrian crossings.

The study determined that installing a roundabout at the intersection would best meet the needs of nearby residents and the nearly 10,000 cars that travel on Pomona Avenue daily. A roundabout is a circular raised island with concrete offshoots that form a hub for the traffic that flows around it and the streets that are directly connected.

The information was presented at a public workshop on June 4 and to the City Council on June 17. The Council directed staff to install a temporary roundabout at the intersection on a trial basis for the purpose of allowing for intersection turning radiuses to be tested. This will also allow the City to study provisions for entry into driveways, and other features such as pedestrian crossings and details of the necessary traffic islands. The Council will review the design of the temporary roundabout in September, prior to its installation. An assessment of the temporary roundabout installation and trial basis study will go to the Council in 2009. Roundabouts can improve intersections in the following ways:
  • Accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists with crossing points and medians
  • Designed to not permit motorists to travel faster than 15-20 mph
  • Can reduce confusion at intersections by making ingress/egress into the roundabout from each intersecting leg

Coronado Rotary Plaza Project

Schematic design plan for Coronado
Rotary Plaza.
The City will be awarding a contract for the construction of Rotary Plaza at Coronado Rotary Park in October. Plans for the plaza include new landscaping, a pedestrian crosswalk, a concrete seating wall, a decorative fountain, bike racks and the Rotary clock. When complete, the new facility will be a pleasant environment for residents and visitors to enjoy. To avoid conflicts with holiday season activities, construction will begin in January.

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The Coronado Community Center Celebrates Three Years of Making Memories
City officials break ground on the
Community Center in 2003.
On July 15, 2005, the Coronado Community Center opened its doors to residents for the first time. Three years later, the doors are still open and the Community Center is more popular than ever.

“Coronado residents have embraced the Community Center with such passion,” said Linda Rahn, Director of Recreation Services. “This facility has become a place where memories are made and milestones in the lives of residents are celebrated.”

Celebrations of life ranging from first birthday parties to retirement parties are held every week at the Community Center. Over 32,000 people have celebrated the union of 288 brides and grooms and 505 people have attended anniversary parties at the Community Center. Community organizations such as Girl Scout troops and bridge groups have also found a weekly meeting place in the center’s rooms.

In addition to celebrations, residents have also taken advantage of the countless recreational opportunities provided at the Community Center. Classes are available for everyone from toddlers to mature adults. For example, the Senior Wellness Program helps local seniors stay fit and provides social activities such as quarterly luncheons at Coronado restaurants. The Wiggles and Giggles class for parents and infants is another example of a program that has been well-accepted by the community. The gym has also become a popular spot for pickup basketball games on the weekends and the exercise room provides state-of-the art fitness equipment with views of Glorietta Bay.

“The Community Center has become the premier location for friends and families of all shapes and sizes to come together for fun, fitness and enrichment,” said Rahn. “The Coronado Recreation Department is dedicated to providing a connection with families and the community.”

The Recreation Department coordinates social events throughout the year at the Community Center. Some of the most well attended annual events for families include Halloween Happening, Breakfast with Santa, Easter Eggstravaganza, and the summer Water Carnival.

A new event planned for this fall is a night on the SS CCC (Coronado Community Center), where families can enjoy some of the activities they would participate in on a cruise ship, such as cooking classes, games, contests and the climbing wall, without leaving dry land.

For more information about the Community Center facilities or programs, contact the Recreation Department at 619.522.2455.

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The Importance of Knowing CPR
The City of Coronado Fire Department is dedicated to serving the community’s needs and to providing valuable educational programs such as department-sponsored cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. This training class is designed to give people the skills and knowledge to provide early intervention in the event someone is suffering from a cardiac or respiratory-related emergency.

“When a person is undergoing a stroke or heart attack, every second counts,” said Coronado Fire Chief Kim Raddatz. “This training will give residents the lifesaving tools they may need to save the life of a loved one.”

Members of the department, including lifeguard personnel, provide residents, healthcare professionals, teachers and other members of the public with the most current and comprehensive CPR training available. It is widely recognized that early CPR intervention and rapid access to Advanced Life Support functions are the key to cardiacrelated emergency survival. There have been recent changes to the nationwide CPR standards, and the Fire Department encourages interested parties to sign up for the CPR class by calling 619.522.7374.

Coronado Firefighters Lend a Hand Across CA

As the State of California continues to suffer from drought-like conditions, and everincreasing encroachment into the wildland occurs throughout communities, the City of Coronado has been providing valuable resources and personnel to agencies at various incidents throughout the State as part of the California Master Mutual Aid Agreement. Firefighters have recently worked in the wildland as line Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) treating crews in the field. During these assignments, Coronado Fire Department personnel have worked up to 14 days straight, without break.

Supporting agencies throughout the State, and nationwide, is not new for the Coronado Fire Department. As part of Urban Search and Rescue deployments, City fire personnel were deployed to New York City following the September 11, 2001 attacks, to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and to other disasters.

If you have any questions or comments related to fire services, please feel free to contact the Fire Department at 619.522.7374.

Coronado Fire Department’s
16th Annual Open House

October 5, 2008 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Come and meet the firefighters, see the fire engines, ambulances and even an air ambulance. There are many activities for children, including a coloring contest.
CERT Courses
(Coronado Emergency Response Team)
Fall 2008

To register for these free classes, or for more information, please contact the Coronado Fire Department at 619.522.7374. All modules run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Module Class Title Description
1. September 25 Disaster Preparedness An introduction to the CERT program
2. October 2 Disaster Fire Suppression Fire safety and extinguisher use
3. October 9 Disaster Medical Operations First aid, establishing treatment areas, treating airway obstruction, bleeding and shock
4. October 16 Light Search & Rescue Planning, techniques and rescuer safety
5. October 20 Terrorism, Disaster Psychology, Team Organization Symptoms experienced by victims & rescuers.

CPR Schedule: All classes run from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Sept. 20, Oct. 29, Nov. 22

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Tips for Being a Good Neighbor:
A Reminder for Dog Owners

Dog owners are required by law to clean up after their dogs.
Coronado is known for being a close-knit community that takes pride in the City’s unique charm, appearance and friendly atmosphere. In an effort to help residents preserve this quality of life, the Coronado Police Department reminds residents of the importance of cleaning up after all of their family members, including their dogs. This is important not only for aesthetics, but to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the storm drain system, which goes untreated into the ocean.

“Coronado dog owners have a responsibility to clean up after their pets,” said Coronado Police Chief Lou Scanlon.

Residents are required by law to pick up after their dogs whenever they are in a public place. Dog walkers must also keep a cleanup bag with them at all times or they could be ticketed. City officials suggest that owners ensure their dogs relieve themselves on their own property or on the City’s right-of-way while on walks.

“An easy way for residents to avoid problems with their neighbors is to make sure their dogs do not take advantage of others’ yards,” said Scanlon.

Dog owners are also advised to review all City signs before taking their pets to local parks. Dogs are not allowed in any park with the exception of Tidelands and Centennial parks, where leashed dogs are permitted on the pavement. Dogs may be off leash only at Dog Beach and a portion of Cays Park.

For more information on laws regarding pets, contact the Coronado Police Department at 619.522.7350.

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